This Hallmark Actress Would Love to Date Nathan on WCTH

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A Hallmark actress who has starred opposite Kevin McGarry in a 2018 romance movie recently shared on Twitter that she would love to play Nathan’s love interest on “When Calls the Heart.”

Cindy Busby Said She’d Love to Play Nathan’s Love Interest

Hallmark fans put together a thread of which actresses would make great love interests for McGarry’s character Nathan on “When Calls the Heart.” When Cindy Busby’s name was shared, Busby retweeted the suggestion.

The original tweet read: “Also, @cindy_busby would be great! She was wonderful with @kevin_mcGarry in #AutumnStables. She already portrayed Carson’s sister-n-law, so she could easily return to Hope Valley. #Hearties”

Busby retweeted the message and wrote: “That would be so much fun! I’d love that #Hearties”

Busby and McGarry starred as love interests in the movie “Autumn Stables.” It premiered in 2018 in Canada.

Autumn Stables – Official Trailer – MarVista EntertainmentAfter her husband’s death, Autumn sells her ranch to Jake expecting nothing will change; however, Jake has ulterior motives with the land and her heart. Get Autumn Stables on demand: Cast: Cindy Busby | Kevin McGarry Autumn Carlisle (Cindy Busby) decides to sell her upstate New York horse ranch after her husband’s death as…2018-08-07T17:59:51Z

You can still catch the movie on Canada’s Super Channel Heart & Home. It re-airs June 19 and June 20. The movie was also released on Hallmark Movies Now.

Other matches suggested for Nathan in the tweet thread included Ashley Williams, Jen Lilley, Brooke D’Orsay, and Laura Bundy. Others said they liked the idea of Nathan and Faith. One person tweeted: “The town doctor and Mountie could also have some neat rescue type scenes.”

Busby Previously Played Carson’s Sister-in-Law on WCTH

It’s been a while, but Busby has actually been on “When Calls the Heart” before. She played Carson’s sister-in-law. Her character’s name was Marlise Bennett.

According to IMDb, she was on three episodes in season 4 episode 8, “Courageous Hearts,” episode 9, “Heart of a Secret,” and episode 10, “Heart of a Fighter.” Carson had stopped practicing medicine for a time because his wife died after he had to perform surgery on her. Marlise blamed him for what happened and threatened to sue him for operating on her sister. She also threatened to turn him in to the medical board. But in the end, she learned to forgive him.

Later, Carson operated on his wife’s sister Rhonda when her condition deteriorated, after he refused at first. Rhonda made a full recovery.

Busby almost returned to “When Calls the Heart” for Season 5, International Business Times reported, but scheduling didn’t allow it to work out. However, she said in the 2018 interview that she would love to return to the show someday and “wouldn’t be surprised” if it happened one day.

She said, “The idea of being part of a period piece, like I was, is just so appealing.”

Busby has been in quite a few Hallmark movies. She most recently starred in “Chasing Waterfalls” and “Follow Me to Daisy Hills.” She was also in “Romance on the Menu” in 2020, “Love in the Forecast” in 2020, “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love” in 2019, “Wedding March 5” in 2019, “Royal Hearts” in 2018, “Hailey Dean Mystery” in 2016-2017 (two movies), and she starred as Rebecca Jennings for 17 episodes of Hallmark’s “Cedar Cove.” She’s no stranger to Hallmark productions, including a previous Hallmark TV series, so the transition to “When Calls the Heart” would likely be smooth.

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