Tiffany Harris Death Dead – Transgender Woman Tiffany Harris Stabbed to Death in the Bronx: Obituary

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Tiffany Harris Death Dead – Transgender Woman Tiffany Harris Stabbed to Death in the Bronx: Obituary

“Yesterday we posted a story on a trans woman in the Bronx who was brutally murdered. At the time, her name was unknown. Now we know.

Her name is Tiffany Harris. Remember it well. She is more than a hashtag. She is more than a number. She is our sister. She is a human being.”

An individual who the NYPD said was fatally stabbed at a Bronx apartment building during the early morning hours of July 26 was a Black transgender woman, according to Princess Janae Place, an organization that supports homeless LGBTQ adults in the tri-state area.

Police officers found the 32-year-old victim, identified by Princess Janae Place as Tiffany Harris, unconscious with stab wounds inside the third floor hallway at 2575 Jerome Avenue shortly after 1:30 a.m Sunday morning in the Fordham Manor section of the Bronx. She was subsequently transferred to Saint Barnabas hospital, where she was pronounced dead after 2 a.m.

While Princess Janae Place identified the individual, the name has not been confirmed by other sources. Police initially provided a name that may have been the individual’s birth name on government-issued identification. Furthermore, police were inconsistent in their reporting of the victim’s gender identity. Though the NYPD initially reported they had discovered an “unconscious and unidentified female,” they later identified that same person as a male.

Victim, man sought for questioning reportedly in a relationship; early Sunday morning confrontation led to stabbing

Asked to explain that discrepancy, a police spokesperson said only, “That’s what we’re going to go with now until we finish our investigation.”

After the individual appeared to be deadnamed, Princess Janae Place tweeted Harris’ name and added “#SayHerName #BlackTransLivesMatter.”

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