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Tina Strong Gofundme – My oldest daughter, Tina, was just recently diagnosed with triple negative , stage 3 breast cancer. She is 28 years old…she is married with a precious 3 year old little boy. She is looking at a long , aggressive treatment plan, due to the type of cancer that she has. She will be going to Morgantown W.V for Treatment, Which is about hour and half away. Because of the type of cancer she has is pretty aggressive, her team of Drs are treating it aggressively . I know alot of people know my daughter, she is usually not the one asking for help, but always helping others. There isn’t anyone she wouldn’t help . She always has a smile and that loud boisterous laugh that is contagious. If you can help in any way, even just for prayers ( our God is bigger than cancer) or just to share this post it would be so greatly appreciated. Yes we are scared, Yes we believe in the power of prayer. Yes, my daughter is quit the sassy fighter, she will beat this !
She enjoys Sharing her story/journey and has a page set up for whoever wants to follow. It’s called Tina’s Cancer Journey. On facebook. She hopes to spread awareness of breast cancer in young women, and share her experiences, good and bad, along her journey, to mayby help someone else along the way.
Tina was the main income supplier in their home and has had to take a break due to the side effects of her treatment . Her husband ( an Army Vet) was full time daddy. Roles are reversed now, except her husband is full time caregiver to Tina and full time daddy . They are in financial crisis. So any donation, share of this fund , or prayers are graciously accepted and appreciated .
Alrighty, so I got some more results today. I have stage 2, Triple Negative, Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer. It is a very common type of breast cancer but unfortunately uncommon for people my age. So because of my age the treatment is a little more aggressive. They will do chemotherapy treatments for 6 month’s minimum. Then after the treatments they will do surgery. Now this is where it gets tricky..so depending on the results from my MRI and pending biopsy results from my lymph nodes and blood work will decide what type of surgery I’ll be having. It could be a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Just really depends on those results. Thanks again to everyone following this journey with me and I appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown!
From Tina ❤️

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