TMOG Star Admits to Being Unfaithful So Many Times

TMOG Star Admits to Being Unfaithful So Many Times


The “Teen Mom OG” star made the confession during a TikTok video, which has since been removed.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Douthit McKee said she has cheated on her husband Josh way more than he has cheated on her during a TikTok video that has since been removed. Her remarks were captured by The Sun, who still has a video of the post from April 21.

Mackenzie, 26, seemed to be responding to backlash for staying with her husband, who admitted to cheating on her two years ago. The mother-of-three defended herself and her husband by saying she has actually been more unfaithful than he has been.

“I’m so happy you guys know more about my life than I know about my life because I have been diagnosed, by you guys, with as an ‘idiot woman who takes back a serial cheating husband,’” she said.

Mackenzie said her husband is only with her because he wants to be — not because she’s forcing him to stay. “I came to Florida, and he came to be with us,” she said, as noted by The Hollywood Gossip. “I never asked him to be. I don’t fight for him, and I never will… If Josh wants to leave, don’t let that door hit you.”

Josh and Mackenzie, who got married in 2013, have three children together: 9-year-old son Gannon, 7-year-old daughter Jaxie, and 4-year-old son Broncs. Mackenzie moved to Florida with their three kids after she received a job opportunity in Sarasota. Josh decided not to come in the beginning but eventually chose to be with his family.

Mackenzie Slammed Accusations That She Has No Self-Worth

Mackenzie tried to stand up for herself by saying she has plenty of respect for herself and has strayed from their marriage “far more” than Josh. “Baby, I know my self-worth,” Mackenzie told her followers.

“I don’t mother-effing stay with a cheating husband,” she continued, saying she was fed up with hearing people’s criticisms about her relationship. “If I had just been his faithful, little sweetheart to him and he was off cheating, do you think I would be with him? No! No, I wouldn’t.”

While Mackenzie was fine with calling her husband a “dumba**,” she wasn’t comfortable with labeling him a narcissist. “We can call Josh a dumba** because he’s been a dumba**, but at least he’s not a narcissist,” the Oklahoma native said. “Josh has never once controlled me, told me what to do or beat me… If you want to diagnose him with narcissism, give me the facts.”

Mackenzie Blasted MTV’s Edits of Josh

It’s not the first time Mackenzie has tried to defend her relationship with Josh.

“Taking applications for a fake husband so people will be happy for me,” she wrote in a sardonic message on April 11.

She then turned her attention toward MTV, claiming Teen Mom OG minimized her transgressions while exposing Josh’s shortcomings. “I gotta give it to this show. They have managed to do a great job at hiding all of my faults and highlighting Josh’s,” she tweeted on March 16. “Most days I feel as if it’s my marriage against the world. I can be married or divorce him to make y’all happy.”

Josh might feel similar to his wife. During a sneak peek for part two of the season nine reunion, the father-of-three came after host Dr. Drew Pinsky. “Yeah, ever since 16 and Pregnant, you just wanna jump down my throat,” Josh said. The celebrity therapist appeared stunned by Josh’s statement.

To find out what happens at part two of the Teen Mom OG season nine reunion, tune in to MTV on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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