Todd & Brooke Tilghman Talk ‘Super Supportive’ Blake Shelton


Todd Tilghman, the winner of Season 18 of NBC’s “The Voice,” has experienced a lot of change in his life in the past year since being crowned the champion. He and his wife, Brooke Tilghman, recently moved closer to Nashville and are gearing up for the release of their new book.

One thing that hasn’t changed in that time is how supportive Blake Shelton, who was Tilghman’s coach when he was on “The Voice,” has been about everything from music to the book release.

Todd and Brooke recently sat down with Heavy to talk about their book, and they shared what’s likely to come soon and how often they keep up with “The Voice.”

The Couple Isn’t Able to Watch ‘The Voice’ As Much Now

While the couple isn’t able to keep up with “The Voice” all the time, they do often keep track of what’s happening on social media and catch episodes when they can.

“I try to catch it when I can because I can watch it from a whole different perspective now,” Todd shared.

They have been busy moving and going through some life changes, but Brooke says that she watched a lot of the show next season and they will definitely be tuning in to this season’s finale.

“We are excited that Jake Hoot is going to sing in the finale!” Brooke shared. Hoot was the winner of season 17 of “The Voice.” “That’s super cool to see that. And of course we love the duet with him and Kelly [Clarkson].”

Todd told Heavy that he and Hoot are close friends now. According to an April 2021 Instagram post, the men have dubbed themselves “The Beard Bros.”

Hoot and Clarkson, who was his coach on “The Voice” released a duet titled “I Would’ve Loved You” in early 2021 as a lead-up to Hoot’s new album.

The Tilghmans Shared That Shelton Is ‘Super Supportive’

When it comes to whether or not he still keeps in touch with his coach, Blake Shelton, Todd shared that he does, to a certain extent.

“You know, I’m not quite as in contact with him as I was just after the show and certainly during the show,” Todd shared. “The contact we have now is, when I release music I’ll reach out to him, and he’ll share the music and all the things.”

He added, however, that, “There’s some other little things, there’s some angles I’m trying to work with Blake right now, so hopefully, those will work out.”

Brooke added, “He’s super supportive, and we really appreciate that.”

It’s possible that Todd is trying to set up a duet with Shelton for an upcoming album in much the same way that Hoot set up his duet with Clarkson.

Todd Tilghman Has New Music on the Horizon

Todd has been busy working on new music with different collaborators, but it doesn’t necessarily all fit into one genre, he told Heavy.

“The releases I have planned right now would not fall snuggly into contemporary Christian, or really any Christian or religious genre, but… it’s not a conflicting message,” he said. “But then, the final word on that to me, is, I am open to wherever I am supposed to land. All of my options are still open. I’m working on several types of music with different people.”

He added with a laugh, “If I stay independent, I guess I can keep working on whatever I want.”

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