Todd Tilghman Talks How Winning ‘The Voice’ Changed His Marriage

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Todd Tilghman was crowned the champion of NBC’s “The Voice” in 2020, and that win has changed his life and that of his wife, Brooke Tilghman, and their eight children, in more ways than they may have originally expected.

The couple and their seven children who still live at home recently uprooted their lives to move closer to Nashville. Two of their eight children were adopted internationally, and their oldest child, Eagan, has recently moved to Los Angeles.

With all the big changes, the couple has been working on spending time with one another and making time to really connect no matter how busy they get. Todd and Brooke spoke to Heavy about the new challenges and opportunities they’ve had because of Todd’s win on “The Voice.”

The Couple Says They Make a ‘Deliberative Effort’ When it Comes to Their Marriage & Family Life

When it comes to making time for one another and for their children, Todd said that they have made a “deliberative effort” to make that a priority.

“We just sort of have had to reorganize how we do life, as far as a family because when I was a pastor, it’s not that we weren’t busy, but I was home every night, and those kinds of things,” Todd shared. “We’ve had a lot of conversations, and some of those were not as pleasant as others, about how to prioritize our marriage, and our kids, so, that’s what we do. We set aside time.”

Brooke added that there has been a lot of change in their lives other than just “The Voice” win.

“We feel like the same people, but it’s a huge transition stepping away from ministry because God has opened some bigger platform doors…,” she shared. “It was a lot of change at once, we moved and our oldest son moved to LA.”

Brooke Says She’s ‘Falling In Love’ With Todd All Over Again

Brooke shared that, though the changes have been difficult, she’s been able to see a different side of her husband and is falling in love with him all over again.

“For 15 years, we did ministry together,” she said. “And we were both hands-on involved, and we learned how to make our marriage work in that, and now we’re re-learning how to make our marriage work in this season because we operate differently. And you can look at that in a bad way or you can look at it in a good way.”

She added, “I kind of get to fall in love with Todd again, in a new season.”

Authenticity Is Important to the Tilghmans

In their new book, Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy, both Todd and Brooke are open about a lot of the struggles they have faced in their lives including marital issues and facing depression and anxiety. Being authentic was very important to them when they sat down to write the book, they said.

“I’ve always connected to when someone shares their story,” Brooke shared. “And it’s something that, you know, it’s like, ‘You struggle with that too?’ It’s always been a connecting point for me. And for me, it’s about wanting to help people. I want people to not feel alone.”

She added, “There were times, especially in ministry, for me, when you struggle with anxiety, when you struggle with fear, it’s kind of taboo and people don’t want to talk about it. And they just say, ‘I’ll pray for you,’ and for me, I wanted to get real, because when you get real, that’s how you really connect with people.”

Todd shared the same sentiment.

“I always think that, even though we’re all living different experiences, the truth is relatable,” he said. “If you just tell the truth, people, I don’t want to say every single person, but people will find that relatable. They may not have the same exact circumstances that we’ve had, but if you just sort of bare your heart and tell the truth, people will find that relatable and hopefully will realize, ‘You know, we really are kind of just all the same.’”

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