Toddler Shot in Times Square: Shooting Near Lion King [VIDEO]


There are reports a toddler was shot outside the Lion King in Times Square.

A woman and a toddler have been shot in Times Square on May 8, 2021, according to NBC New York. See video from the scene later in this article.

New York police had not yet given a formal statement or details, and the NBC report was based on law enforcement sources.

“Police Activity: Expect traffic delays, road closures, and a heavy presence of emergency personnel in the area of West 44th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. Avoid the area,” NYEC EC- Notify New York wrote on Twitter. CBS New York reported the same information without providing additional details.

Here’s what you need to know:

Preliminary Social Media Reports Say the Toddler Was Shot Outside the Lion King

NYC Fire Wire reported on Twitter, “Shooting in Times Square. Kid shot in front of Lion King.” Video shows a massive police response at the scene.

NBC New York reported that the woman was shot in the leg. It’s not clear where the toddler was shot. The motive is also not clear, the suspect is not clear, and the conditions of the woman and child have not been released as the situation is still unfolding.

The shooting occurred right before 5 p.m. near the corner of West 44th Street and 7th Avenue, according to NBC New York. That’s a busy thoroughfare in the heart of Times Square.

This post is being updated as more information is learned about the Times Square shooting.