Tom Brady and His Dad Are Trash Talking the Patriots


Tom Brady and tom Brady Sr.

If Tom Brady and his dad hadn’t already become villains in the eyes of New England Patriots fans, their comments and social media post after the reveal of the 2021 NFL schedule might do the trick.

The Patriots are scheduled to host Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 4. The game will mark Brady’s first return to Foxboro since leaving the Patriots for a free-agent deal with Tampa Bay. 

It’s easily the most highly anticipated game on the NFL schedule. It’s of some significance to Brady and his dad. Both went out of their way to make some noteworthy comments about the upcoming matchup. 

Brady Sr. was in rare form when he called up to 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak and Bertrand show. He said:

I saw the schedule come out last night and I started salivating when I saw that we’re playing the Patriots in the fourth game of the season, and we’re coming up here to make our record 4-0 after the fourth game. It’s a pretty fun time.

Later in his call, Brady Sr. added:

Coming back home to Boston, it’s our second home here. The Patriots are our second favorite team. It’s a game where we get to root against nobody. We get to root for the Patriots, but our most favorite team, of course, is the Buccaneers, so we expect to beat the Patriots rather handily, frankly.

Here is the entire clip from the show:

Brady didn’t come quite as hard as his dad. Still, in a tweet following the release of the schedule, the future Hall-of-Famer does appear to reference the Patriots in a manner that suggests he’s surpassed them and graduated beyond the connection if you will.

Take a look at Brady’s scholastic simile:

So, the Bucs represent his collegiate level and the Patriots are on a prep stage? Is it October 3, yet?

The Bradys Aren’t Just Disrespecting the Patriots

You’ve got to love the confidence that is permeating through the pores of the Bradys at this point. If anyone has earned the right to be outwardly confident, it’s a guy with seven Super Bowl rings.

With an unprecedented resume of success as fuel for their arrogance, Brady and his dad have aimed at more than just the Patriots.

Many media members took note of Brady seemingly taking a shot at the Dallas Cowboys still being referred to as “America’s Team.”

This tweet from National Football Post screen-grabbed Brady’s poke at the Cowboys from his Instagram story.

Brady Sr. pretty much penciled in a win for the Bucs over Dallas and two other opponents as he predicted his son and teammates would stroll into Foxboro 3-0 and exit Gillette Stadium with a perfect 4-0 mark.

Again, is it October 3 yet?

Cam Newton’s Return to Carolina Might Be Pretty Big Too

If the Patriots are perhaps a bit better than Brady Sr. and others expect, their play at quarterback might have something to do with the team’s performance. 

New England still has a pretty accomplished guy under center themselves, even though he had a tough year in 2020.

The Sports Hub’s Alex Barth drops this subtle reminder about Cam Newton and a pretty significant date on the schedule for him. 

Quick schedule thought: Tom Brady isn’t the only one with a reunion lined up for 2021. Cam Newton’s return to Carolina is an interesting storyline as well. I feel like that should be an early season game, especially after the Patriots drafted Mac Jones.

If Newton and the Patriots are rolling along when the Week 9 matchup in Charlotte comes along, Newton’s return to his roots will get some attention as well.

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