Top 5 Celebrities From Which Students Should Take an Example

Since students are the largest group of media users, celebrities and social media influencers have a huge impact on them. Let’s see who can be an example to follow!

In the overwhelming world of social media, it’s impossible to not follow some people who you find worth looking up to. And when we’re talking about the teens and young students, it’s even more so. Some students follow the pages of activists, others try to do the make-up tips and tricks presented by the make-up artists, while others learn about art and psychology each time the media person posts. In this article, we’ll discuss why celebrities can be a good example for students, who they should look up to, and why.

Why follow? 

The reasons behind us trying to imitate other people are plenty. We can identify their activity with what we’d like to do, or we share their ideas and seek inspiration and motivational push. And let’s be honest — sometimes we just follow somebody for fun (Snoop Dogg, nothing personal but your Instagram page is a pure meme land). 

Because these media icons with million armies of followers are usually established and successful people, we’d like to project the same for our lives. Who wouldn’t mind being a college dropout with a corporation the whole world knows? Or why not pay someone to write a research paper and build your own business instead? Because when you do pay for research papers, you can both receive a degree and have your startup functioning up and well. 

But famous people are an example for students in many other respects. You can ask them if a paper not turned on time mattered a lot for their career. You can ask if skipped classes weigh much when you compare them to the attention one drew to the horrible thing happening now to our planet. They set an example of how to be passionate about something, what a truly curious mind can achieve, and how to move on regardless of the mistakes and ignorance of others. Let’s see who can give an example.

Greta Thunberg 

Not many students can consciously lead the activist campaign quite like Greta Thunberg. Not only she is the most famous student, but she made the people in suits really scratch the back of their heads thinking about what can be done to minimize the impact the huge corporations have on the environment.

Elon Musk

He might have been raised in a family that took care of their kid’s education, but you cannot underestimate the natural curiosity for how things work. With so many companies, projects, and support he gives to the scientific community and business, he is a good example to follow.

Sir Richard Branson 

For this person, the notions of ‘fun’ and ‘business’ are linked stronger than they may seem. Every business he started was his ambition, based on a desire to make something different without boring officialism. No wonder they have such a good friendship with Elon Musk!  And that’s the greatest lesson you can learn from him: if something doesn’t bring you joy, why even bother with it? 

Joel ‘Roomie’ Berghult

Roomie Official, as he dubs himself on YouTube, is a very famous music blogger with millions of subscribers. In May, he said that his blogging career needs a pause and that he has to rethink where he’s going. That’s something they won’t teach you at school but something that you need to know: there’s time to go in full force, and there’s time to sit back and reflect if it leads to where you want to be.  

Lady Gaga

She is a teacher of how to be that girl everybody made fun of and simply take over the music world anyway. When she was at school, she was often bullied because of her appearance, origin, activity, and simply because she was herself from day one. Yet, her strength and desire to achieve were stronger than biting back. Who knows, maybe that’s the reason students listen to her music while getting to the university? 

Classes are good, but sometimes the students need an example that would inspire them to strive for better and simply help answer the self-identification questions. The chosen five are great in so many respects for the young students to discover their passion and learn how to live the best life.