Tragedy of Music Producer Pierce Fulton’s Cause of Death at 28

Tragedy of Music Producer Pierce Fulton's Cause of Death at 28

Renowned electronic music producer Pierce Fulton’s cause of death was announced after he passed away suddenly, on April 29, 2021, at the young age of 28. Rest in peace.

The heartbreaking news in a statement by his older brother, Griff, who posted a heartfelt video in remembrance on Pierce Fulton’s account that along with a personal message as well, announcing, “It breaks my heart to share with you that Pierce passed away on Thursday evening.”

During a decade of producing some important tunes in the dance music world, Pierce Fulton has tragically left us; however, his unique, uplifting approach to dance music production will be alive in fans’ minds forever. His breakthrough 2015 single “Kuaga” was a surefire highlight in the career of many. 

Tragedy of Music Producer Pierce Fulton's Cause of Death at 28
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Some tracks of his dominated festival stages around the worldwide, hits such as:

  • “Kuaga,”
  • “Waiting For Tomorrow” with Martin Garrix and Mike Shinoda
  • Album Better Places 
  • Album Keeping the Little Things 

Pierce Fulton, the producer who was well known from between Vermont people had just kicked off on a different journey with Botnek as Leaving Laurel, with those releases finding a home on Anjunadeep.

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Pierce Fulton’s Cause of Death Relates to his Mental Health

His family tragically announced that Pierce Fulton’s cause of death related to his mental health problems; they added in the statement, “It breaks my heart to share with you that Pierce passed away on Thursday evening following a tragic struggle with his mental health.” 

Pierce Fulton’s older brother’s statement read, “Pierce was so incredibly full of life, love & unimaginable creativity. He was kind, caring, thoughtful, silly & sweet. The most magical person that we were all so blessed to know, hear & see.” 

Griff continued. “He was an expert at absolutely anything he set his mind to & had this incredible ability to retain knowledge unlike anyone I’ve ever known. The only word that truly can describe his abilities is genius.”

Pierce Fulton’s Brother’s Statement

Griff also encouraged others who are trying to believe their intuition, speak up about their feelings, and reach out for support. “I ask that all of you focus your energy towards the future, towards making a difference through love & compassion, towards staying in touch with the people close to you, towards learning & understanding more about what so many of us might be going through, often hidden deep beneath so many layers,” he wrote.

He could captivate a room of strangers in the blink of an eye with only one hope – to make everyone feel loved, comfortable & welcomed.

Renowned electronic music producer Pierce Fulton's cause of death was announced
Image source: EDM Sauce

“He traveled the globe for the better part of a decade doing what he loved & cemented powerful friendships with so many wonderful people along the way, accomplishing more in his career in music than most could dream to accomplish in a lifetime. He loved you all so much & wanted to give you everything he had; and he had so much to give.”

Social Media’s Reaction to Death of DJ Pierce Fulton

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts, but, fans kindly remember memories and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pierce Fulton’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these tough days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him; If you have any related information about Pierce Fulton’s passing, please share it with us.

Quickly after the tragic news released, many of beloved Pierce’s friends and fans expressed their sadness on social media by posting their tributes:

A user wrote, “Rest in peace, Pierce Fulton, A great soul… lost,” while another said, “Wow this hurts. Thank you for everything, such an inspiration. Rest in piece king.”

Someone tweeted:, “nooooo. so many good times listening to his music. edc 2016 set was so fun to randomly stumble on. Rest In Peace”

Renowned electronic music producer Pierce Fulton's cause of death was announced

Someone tweeted, “RIP Pierce, you were one of the first electronic musicians that I discovered on Hype Machine. Such an inspiration to the community.”

Renowned electronic music producer Pierce Fulton's cause of death was announced

More about Pierce Fulton’s Career

Born on June 6, 1992, a young music producer’s first real break was on the web back in 2011 with his Pardon My French EP on Cr2 Records back in the EDM boom as an American while the headlines and festivals were often for Swedish and Dutch acts at that time.

In the next year, he put out his Sink Or Swim / Mr. Mime EP, which highlighted Bebe Rexha. This was only one type of his ability to see the world in a different way, and with new artistic methods.

Beloved Pierce didn’t just produce nice festival records, but he additionally put out some more downtempo music such as “10/6 (That Should Do It)” and “West Egg, which was a forerunner for his other music.

In 2016, his music changed to a funkier, organic sound with tracks including, “False Proof” and his Borrowed Lives EP.

Pierce was the husband of Anastasia, son to Brook and Michael Fulton, brother and brother-in-law to Griff and Hannah Arntzen Fulton, and brother to Addie Fulton.

He also leaves behind his grandparents J Anthony Fulton and Donna Fulton, Aunts Gentra Curran, Docia Boulin, Stacy Kelleher, as well as Uncles Richard and Tony Fulton, and William Holt Naff.

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