Trey Gladden Oklahoma Accident – Trey Gladden Oklahoma ﹰDeath ﹰDead: Trey Gladden Oklahoma Obituary

Barbara Alexander Car Accident

Trey Gladden Oklahoma is dead, according to what we saw, he died in an accident, but the circumstances surrounding the accident is yet to be revealed.

Eric Childs posted the death news of
Trey Gladden today, he wrote:

“My buddy! My ride or die! The best uncle! Today, I cry for you…you were the first person I ever met at Kansas State. In that backyard of a house party off Anderson. We have had a memory filled 15 years of friendship and I will miss you everyday of my life. Watching you grow into the man you were was a pleasure to see. You were always there for me when I needed to talk and I enjoyed when you called me about anything. We grew super close when you moved to Texas and I still can’t figure out why Plies is always yelling in his raps lol. My heart is heavy and my mind is racing with so many questions. All day today, I have tried to keep busy so that my mind wouldn’t race but a song always played or a tweet we sent always showed up that brought all of the emotions back up. This is going to be a tough one. I miss you so much Trey Gladden and I will make sure to always remember your voice and your distinctive laugh. Love you bro bro! FOREVER!”

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