Trolls Mock Amber Portwood’s Appearance on ‘Teen Mom OG’

Trolls Mock Amber Portwood’s Appearance on ‘Teen Mom OG’


“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood was mocked by trolls for her appearance on the Season 9 finale.

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was mocked by trolls for her appearance on the Season 9 finale. She wore a white headband that some viewers said looked like she took leggings and wrapped them around her head. It’s a look that fans have seen on Amber previously this season, but she was ridiculed for it this time around after a fan-edited a screenshot to make it looks like Amber had used toilet paper instead of a headband.

The meme first appeared on Reddit and then made it to Instagram where netizens continued to make fun of Amber.

The edited picture garnered more than 1,200 upvotes from followers in the Teen Mom subreddit, making it one of the most popular posts. The original poster tagged it as a “sh*t post” and wrote: “Today in Amberland: Amber repurposes her extra quarantine toilet paper.”

The meme was then picked up by the blog Teen Mom Talk and posted to Instagram on April 15. “Maybe I should watch the episode #TeenMomOG,” they wrote.

Amber wore the headband for her conversation with Vicki Twomey, the leader of On Your Feet Foundation, an organization that helps mothers reconnect with their children. She hasn’t had an easy time with her 12-year-old daughter this season, which was exacerbated by Amber choosing not to attend Leah’s 12th birthday party.

Gary Is In a Hard ‘Situation’ Right Now

While it’s Leah and Amber who aren’t getting along, Gary Shirley — who is Leah’s father and Ambers ex — finds himself in the middle.

“It’s a very hard situation that I’m going through right now. Amber and I co-parent a beautiful young kid. We had Leah’s birthday party and afterward Leah was a little upset that she didn’t come so Leah wants time for herself and space,” Gary told his mother, Carol Zizak. “Then Amber got upset with us thinking it was something that we were doing or saying so it’s been an ongoing thing. But she needs her mom even though she might not know it or think it.”

Carol said that she loved Amber, but she didn’t blame Leah for being upset with her mother. “Leah should be allowed to feel the way she feels; to not necessarily pretend everything’s OK ’cause she’s done that a lot,” she said.

Carol then asked Gary if she remembers when Amber would “promise” to get Leah and then never show up. “Leah would stand in the door waiting and then Amber wouldn’t come. She then turned around and looked at you and started to cry because her mom didn’t show up,” Carol said. “All that adds up and I’m surprised Leah hasn’t exploded before now.”

Gary Wants Amber to Tell Leah She’s Sorry

Gary said it was time for Amber to apologize to their daughter.

“I hope Amber can put the effort in that Leah needs but she wants to come through and give Leah all these reasons of why she wasn’t coming over,” Gary said, adding that Amber makes excuses for herself and “says you’ll understand when you get older” or “I can’t tell you things right now because you’re too young.”

“Just give her a simple I’m sorry,” Gary added. “Sometimes an apology just needs to be an apology. Now’s the time to tell her.”

During a one-on-one with an MTV producer, Amber said she’s sorry for what happened with her daughter, but she didn’t say it directly to Leah.

To find out what happens at the reunion, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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