Twist of Fate update Tuesday 4th May 2021

Twist of Fate update Monday 3rd May 2021

Twist of Fate 4 May 2021 update: Meera coming to the storeroom and hearing Sahil threatening Pandit ji blackmailing him about his daughter’s life. Pandit ji asks them to leave his daughter and says I will steal Ganapati Bappa’s gold and will give to you.

Sahil says it is my gold, I brought the gold in the city, but couldn’t get it. Pandit ji says I will do. Meera hears and is about to run out when Sahil’s goons come, hold her and take her inside. Sahil asks the goon Negi why did he come here? Negi shows a packet of white powder. Aaliya tells Purab that she was afraid and that’s why message. Purab says Di asked me to be with him and says he is not thinking otherwise. Pallavi comes to Purab and tells that CM is coming, so they shall go and welcome her. Purab sees CM coming there with Disha. Purab looks at Disha. Aaliya gets upset. Purab and Pallavi greet CM. CM says I would have come before if I had known about the darshan. Pallavi asks her to do darshan. Disha and CM do Ganapati Darshan. CM says now we will leave, have to go to two more places. Disha asks CM, can I stay for sometime here. CM says ok. Disha looks at Purab, but he turns and goes away. Disha walks towards him.

Sarita behen tries to make her grand son have food. He says he can’t have more. Pragya comes and says you shall rest. Rishi says you will send me to hospital with overeating of food. Pragya asks her to have medicine and asks do you feel good to get scolded by me infront of your grandson. Rishi says he is seeing for the first time that someone is scolding his nani and calls her female hitler infront of female gabbar. Pragya says you think I am gabbar. He says intelligent too. Sarita says only I need importance in this house. Rishi says yes. Pragya asks about his job. He says he got a job in the company and tells about Abhi and Vikram’s company name. Pragya says Prachi works there. Rishi asks where is Shahana and Prachi and tell that Nani told about it. The other smuggler Negi tells Sahil that he came to help him and asks Pandit ji to put the powder in the havan so that everyone faint and they can do their work. One of the goons hit Meera and she faints. Disha comes to Purab and tells that she has his thing with her. He thinks my heart is with you. She says she thought to give it to him, but forgetting at times.

Rhea asks Dimpy and Shaina to tell why are they silent? Dimpy asks her if she is in love with Ranbir. Rhea asks did Prachi tell you? Dimpy says we heard and heard you. Rhea tells that it was a prank and tells that she praised Ranbir infront of Prachi to tease her. Aryan hears her. Dimpy asks Rhea if she falls in love with Ranbir. Rhea tells that she will break his heart and thinks Ranbir really loves him and she is using him against Prachi. Aryan gets upset hearing this. The smugglers smell something and tell that they will not get unconscious with the smoke now. Ranbir talks to a girl and asks did you see my brother Aryan. The girl flirts with him. Prachi sees them and gets upset, thinks to make his video with the girl and show to Rhea. Shahana sees Prachi looking at Ranbir and thinks she is hiding things from her. Prachi is about to go behind Ranbir. Shahana asks where are you going? Prachi says to get proofs. Ranbir sees Prachi and pretends to flirt with a girl on the phone. He goes to room and hides behind the door. Prachi comes there and thinks she just need one proof to expose him, thinks to show proof to Rhea and goes inside the room, but falls down. Ranbir laughs and asks her to give her hand. He says same thing will happen with you, it is karma and says I saw you coming behind me. Prachi says you will come in my hand very soon. Ranbir asks her to ask for his hand. Prach says I want to expose you infront of Rhea.

Dasi tells Beeji that Pragya and Abhi stopped chandelier from falling on Ganapati ji. She says Pragya saw someone was compromising with the rope. Beeji jokes. Ranbir comes there and asks what are they talking? Dadi says she is talking about serious thing and she is joking. Ranbir says Beeji is cool and talks to them.

Aaliya sees Disha returning ring to Purab and recalls his words. Disha gives the ring and asks why did you write your name as my husband on the hospital form. Purab tells that when he was taking Aaliya to hospital, he hit her car and then he took them to hospital and wrote husband and friend on her and Aaliya’s form mistakenly. Aaliya thinks to do something to make her go from their lives.

Pandit ji asking everyone to come forward for havan. Beeji says havan time didn’t start yet. Negi says one shall have devotion. Dadi says she is elder than you, asks him to behave. Aaliya asks Purab about Disha. She says she is asking as Dadi asked everyone to come for havan. Disha tells Dadi that she will go. Dadi asks her to stay for sometime. Purab thinks it is good that Aaliya didn’t notice his conversation with Disha. Aaliya thinks Purab doesn’t know that I have heard. Negi asks Pandit ji to start the havan fast. Sahil is about to light the havan fire with lighter, but they stop him. Mitali gives match stick to Pandit ji. Pandit ji lights the havan fire. Sunaina calls Meera. Meera gains consciousness and frees herself. She frees Sunaina’s hand and tells that she will go to her room and call police. She asks Sunaina to be there. She comes to her room and calls Abhi, but Abhi doesn’t pick the call as he lost in thoughts and driving the car. Meera calls police, but call is not attended. Prachi comes out of washroom. Meera tells her about smugglers threat and plan. Prachi says we won’t let anything happen to them. Pandit ji is about to put the powder in the havan, when Meera comes there and asks Pandit ji to stop. Negi puts the powder in havan to make them unconscious. Meera alerts everyone and tells that they all are smugglers. She asks Prachi to put water in the havan. Prachi puts water in the fire. Goon holds her, but Ranbir pulls her towards him and saves her.

Sahil holds Rhea on knife point and threatens to kill her. He says nobody shall make any sound or move. Rhea says they are not smugglers, but have come to kill me. Negi says you talk stupid things and threatens to cut her neck. Aaliya takes the pot from the decoration and throws on Sahil. Sahil falls. Rhea gets saved. Everyone runs. Pallavi and Shahana beat up a goon and get happy. Aaliya beats the goons too. Dadi hits the smuggler/goon when the goon is about to hit her, but beeji comes and diverts him with her dance. They beat him up. Ranbir says statue to Sahil. Prachi asks why? Sahil says let me beat him. Prachi says we are not in same team. Ranbir beats Sahil and his goon. He asks Prachi to beat him, but Prachi says we are not in the same team. Negi holds Disha at gun point. Purab asks him to leave Disha. Negi says if anyone tries to act smart then I will kill her. Purab asks him to leave her. Negi says I can kill you also in her plan. Ranbir asks him to calm down.

Negi shouts at Purab and Ranbir, but they move and the bullets hit the temple area. Negi asks them to keep their mobiles here and go to room. He says we will do our work and leave. Sahil comes there. Purab says I never thought that you will do this. Sahil asks Negi to shoot Disha. Abhi comes there and sees Negi keeping gun on Disha’s forehead. He snatches gun and keeps in his mouth. He hits him and asks Disha to hold the gun. Police comes there and arrest them. Abhi says Ganapati Bappa Morya…while everyone says the same.

Sarita behen tells Pragya that Rishi had stolen 100 rs note in childhood and tells that he used to like only notes color. Shahana and Prachi come there. Pragya introduces them and says they kept their stuff in the guest room. Shahana why, he is a guest, not us. He says sorry. Pragya says Shahana is very possessive about her. Rishi tells that he got a job in Mr. Mehra’s company and offers to drop her to her office on bike. She says we will meet him in office and goes.

Disha is in her room, thinks Purab still cares for her. She opens the door when door bell rings and calls him, but he is Hritik. She asks what are you doing here? Hritik says you shall not ask this when your friend needs you. She asks what happened? Hritik says he has a break up with Veronica. Disha asks she is intelligent and asks why your girlfriends dump you. He asks her to give something to eat. Disha asks why your break up happened and tells that she has her number and will ask her. Hritik says I did breakup with her as she betrayed me and told that she wants to marry me, but before that she had said that she is not interested in marriage. Disha says she must have felt that she shall marry you. Hritik says Veronica then slapped him on his face with her sandal and pushed door on me. He says carpenters are fixing it. He says he will stay here for tonight. Disha takes him out and asks him to go to hotel room. Hritik says his wallet is in Veronica’s purse. Disha goes back inside.

Purab comes to his room and tells Aaliya that Abhi slept. Aaliya says I know that you want to say about risking your life for Disha and says I can understand. She asks him to sleep and lie down on the bed. Purab looks on.