Twitter Reacts to Donald Cerrone: ‘Probably Done’


UFC star Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was shockingly knockout out on Saturday night in the latest UFC Fight Night card on ESPN, and it seems after witnessing the debacle that the entire MMA world was focused on what could be coming next for Cerrone. Alex Morono was a late-notice replacement to fight Cerrone at UFC Vegas 26, but Morono blitzed the 38-year-old legend to score the stunning first-round knockout.

You can see the surprising end to the fight below.

After the loss, Cerrone claimed this wouldn’t be the last time fans see him in the UFC.

Cerrone revealed his way of thinking to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. Per the journalist, “Spoke to Cowboy, he tells me this was not his final fight and he doesn’t feel done, but acknowledges his performances say otherwise. Said he’ll have to watch tape, talk to his team and UFC. Whenever it IS his last fight, he believes he’ll make that known before his final walk.”

Still, that wasn’t what most fans seemed to be thinking after seeing Cerrone get wrecked by Morono.

One fan suggested Cerrone was on his way to getting cut by the company.

Meanwhile, TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter added some vital data to that theory. The journalist won’t be in the UFC’s meeting to decide such things, but he did correctly note just how futile Cerrone has seemed inside the Octagon as of late.

He posted, “Cerrone falls to 0-5, 1 NC in his last six. It’s tough to watch because he looks good in his fights until he doesn’t.”

Another poster noted how so many fans must feel right now knowing that even the suggestion that it might be time for “Cowboy” to walk off into the sunset seems reasonable.

He’s one of the most popular contenders in the sport, but maybe his time has passed.

An example of just how revered Cerrone is in the MMA world comes from BJ Penn’s Cole Shelton. The writer posted his thoughts and feelings about Cerrones’ career, and claimed “Cowboy” was the sole reason he even became an MMA writer.

He said, “Cowboy Cerrone is THE reason why I started watching MMA and ended up covering it as my job. I remember walking home from elementary school and watching his WEC fights with my Dad on The Fight Network. Always love watching him fight for that reason.”

Sporting News’ Andreas Hale sure seems to believe Cerrone needs to stop fighting.

Look, Cerrone doesn’t plan on retiring from the UFC, but he might not have the choice.

He’s been one of the most popular stars of the last few years, and he’s one of the most active UFC fighters in history. But no one is safe from being cut by the company when it stops making financial sense for them to keep letting a fighter fight.

Cerrone might not want his UFC career to be over, but it might be anyway.

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