UEFA confirm the 12 ESL clubs will all be punished


We’ve seen the fall-out from the ESL when it comes to the fans and what they think, but in a way it will be much more fascinating to see what UEFA actually do.

They can talk all they like about the idea of the ESL being a travesty for football and making the game worse, but the reality was that a big slice of their revenue was about to disappear and that’s where the panic came in.

The Champions League reforms are the perfect proof that they value money over making the game as competitive and accessible to everyone as possible, so those financial motivations have to be taken into account when it comes to punishing the 12 clubs

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Logic states that they should probably be hit with transfer bans or Champions League bans which really would hurt them, but that would likely hurt UEFA too and it means it’s unlikely.

A report from The Daily Mail has confirmed that all 12 clubs will be punished, but it’s suggested that the fan reaction and decision to pull out from the English sides will see them receive a more lenient punishment.

They state that the UEFA President hasn’t stated how they are going to be punished at this point, so it suggests that they still don’t really know what to do.

No doubt they’ll find a way to fine them an amount that boosts their own coffers without causing any real damage, but the main outcome from this has to be reform in the European game, not one-off punishments.