UFC Eyewitness Claims Jake Paul ‘Got His A** Whooped’

UFC Eyewitness Claims Jake Paul ‘Got His A** Whooped’


Internet personality, actor and professional boxer Jake Paul is set to fight former MMA champion Ben Askren.

A UFC star went on social media last week to express his belief in YouTuber Jake Paul’s boxing skills, but now that same fighter is saying he has no respect for Paul or his boxing abilities after the YouTuber apparently lied about winning a recent sparring match. That same UFC fighter said, “…I said I was impressed (but) it was me trying to find a way to say that kid sucks but he doesn’t suck as much as he should”.

UFC lightweight contender Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Pena said he watched Paul spar Bellator lightweight contender Anthony Taylor and others just last week, and Pena shared afterward he was “thoroughly impressed” with what he saw from Paul.

Pena posted, “Honest assessment on @jakepaul after last night, can’t lie I’m thoroughly impressed with where he is in his technical development considering how long he’s been doing this”.

But just five days later and Pena completely changed that narrative. This time, Pena claims Paul “got his a** whooped” by Taylor and 26-year-old welterweight MMA fighter Charles Decca.

Pena posted, “Lmao why @jakepaul lying bout what happened last week lame a** c*** got his a** whooped by @anthony_foreal and @CharlesDecca now I have no respect for him when I said I was impressed it was me trying to find a way to say that kid sucks but he doesn’t suck as much as he should.”

So while Pena originally said he couldn’t lie about what he had seen last week, he admitted later he probably did just that in an effort to be supportive of Paul.

Paul faces retired UFC star Ben Askren on April 17. According to one of the eyewitnesses of Paul’s final sparring sessions for the upcoming megafight, Paul could be in serious trouble.

Pena and Taylor Want Footage Released

Both Pena and Taylor have challenged Paul to release footage of the sparring session. It’s an apparent effort to make Paul come clean about what happened during sparring, but it’s sure not to deliver those goods.

Still, Taylor made light of the idea that Paul had beaten him up last week.

Additionally, Taylor said he bullied the larger Paul around the ring over four rounds of action. Tayor competes in MMA’s 155-pound lightweight division while Paul usually weighs around 190 pounds for his fights.

Despite the massive difference in size, Taylor said he had his way with the YouTuber. He posted, “I bullied @jakepaul as if he was in kindergarten I’m 5’7 he’s 6’2”.

Taylor also suggested he’d be willing to prove his side of the story by fighting Paul next in a legit prizefight. He even suggested he would take on Paul’s older brother Logan Paul right after that. He posted, “After I beat up @jakepaul I’m going to beat up his brother @LoganPaul also my full name is Anthony “Paul” Taylor”.

However, it might also need to be noted that Taylor had mostly positive things to say about Paul until very recently. In an interview with James Lynch of My MMA News, Taylor said Paul had surprised him in sparring.

Bellator vet Anthony Taylor on sparring Jake Paul last week in FloridaAnthony Taylor (7-5) recaps his sparring session with Jake Paul before his upcoming boxing matchup against Ben Askren this Saturday. ✔ SUBSCRIBE to my channel here goo.gl/pKtcBU   ► Follow me on Twitter – twitter.com/LynchOnSports  ► Follow me on Instagram –  goo.gl/QifPxC ✔ SUBSCRIBE to my prospects channel here  shorturl.at/eqsw0    ✔ SUBSCRIBE to my Rokfin channel here rokfin.com/lynchonsports …2021-04-13T18:54:09Z

He said, “Jake surprised me, he’s done good. He’s really decent for a guy whos’ just picked up boxing from being off the streets. After a year and a half, two years of boxing he’s done pretty good for himself. You can see the hard work and dedication that he’s putting in to it. Can he be a professional boxer at cruiserweight? No. Can he go to Mexico and win a couple of smokers? Yeah, absolutely. He’s a cub at the moment but he’ll soon be a lion.”

Pena’s Original Analysis Was Positive

Meanwhile, Pena also had mostly positive things to say about Paul. He posted, “Interesting getting to sit in on @jakepaul last sparring session before he fights @Benaskren next week good work from my boys @anthony_foreal and @CharlesDecca”.

Even after getting roasted by several of his followers after sharing his analysis, the 27-year-old wouldn’t budge from his praise for Paul.

One fan said, “I used to like you, but now I hate you”.

Pena replied, “Lmao I don’t care”.

Still, others on the thread took note of Pena’s assessment and tried to read between the lines. One follower pointed out that it appeared Pena was expressing Paul had definitely put in work but still had a long way to go after just about three years of training in the sport.

Pena replied, “Exactly”.

Regardless, five days later and Pena’s gloves came off for good. Pena posted, “Dog @anthony_foreal came off the couch for this in kid’s last week of camp where he should be in the best shape possible and still got worked…”.

Pena also suggested any released footage of the 24-year-old knocking out anyone in a sparring session had to be fake.

He posted, “I fight I know a real Ko when I see one”.

Pena believes the positive praise Paul has received from some fighters for his boxing skills is similar to Pena’s original praise: it’s people “trying to be nice” about someone who is putting in the work.

Paul vs. Askren on April 17

Paul faces Askren on April 17. While Paul is 2-0 with 2 KOs over boxers who never competed before, former MMA champ Askren is entering the fight almost absurdly confident.

It’s unclear how Paul will fare against Askren on April 17. What is clear is that the two MMA fighters who worked with Paul for his final sparring sessions have seemingly changed their minds about Paul’s skill level as a boxer after spending time with him in training just last week.

One week ago, both were largely complimentary of what Paul had to offer inside a boxing ring.

This week? Paul is a novice fighter who needs a lot more work before seriously competing against legit professionals.

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