UFC Star’s Disturbing Video: ‘Spill My Own Blood’ [WATCH]

UFC Fighter Mike Perry


UFC star Mike Perry posted a disturbing video on Sunday night that’s led many people to question whether the fighter is in desperate need of mental, emotional, or some other kind of help right now. Perry’s Instagram stories on Sunday showed the fighter sitting on the ground in a pool of what appears to be Perry’s own blood.

MMA journalist Amy Kaplan captured that video and re-posted it on Twitter.

Description of Perry’s Bloody Video

In the video, Perry can be heard whispering, “F*** am I supposed to do about this? F***.”

The video starts close to Perry’s face. The fighter flips his phone camera around to show some shattered glass next to him on the ground as well as a massive pool of blood near his feet that seems to indicate he’s bleeding profusely somewhere from his legs or torso.

Perry’s social media posts are causing concern for the fighter.

Perry’s social media posts on Twitter also could indicate the fighter requires some kind of help right now.

Perry posted, “No matter what I do it’s never enough. So I act out. Happy to spill my own blood.”

Eight hours before that, Perry was posting some strange messages about fans.

Is Perry’s Career Spiraling Downward?

Perry has gone just 1-3 over his last four fights. The 29-year-old lost his last fight via unanimous decision to Tim Means in November at UFC 255.

It’s been a tumultuous time as of late for the welterweight contender.

Last year, an equally disturbing video emerged of Perry punching an older man outside of a restaurant in Texas.

Just a few months later, Perry’s ex-wife, Danielle Nickerson, began talking to the media about the alleged domestic abuse she suffered during her failed marriage to Perry.

Perry denied those allegations and is currently expecting a child with his new girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez.

Gonalez is also now Perry’s corner person despite having no previous experience.

The volatile Perry also threatened CBS reporter Brian Campbell last year during a bizarre podcast interview.

Apparently, Perry didn’t like some of the questions Campbell posed to him during their chat about what made Perry stand out compared to his upcoming opponent Micky Gall, so Perry lashed out at Campbell with threats before hanging up the phone.

“Because I’ll beat your ass, that’s why,” Perry said. “You run your mouth and I’ll beat your ass. You’re a journalist, you ain’t going to do shit to me. I’ll punch you in the mouth and get away with it.”

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