Unique Salonga Biography, Career, Age, Grooming Allegations, Girlfriend, Relationship, Instagram, Facebook

Unique Salonga is, without a doubt, one of the most talented guitarists in the Philippines. As a singer, songwriter and guitarist, he is famous, and his talent cannot be taken for granted. He has significantly impacted the music industry with his amazing creativity. Many people around the world draw inspiration from some of his impressive works. He is indeed a voice to reckon.

Unique Salonga Biography, Career

Unique Salonga whose real name is Unique Torralba Salonga, is a young talented Filipino who was born on April 26, 2000. He is a Filipino musician and singer-songwriter.

Unique Torralba Salonga is the son to Randy Salonga and Llewelyn Torralba father and mother respectively.

Unique Torralba Salonga is a Manila-born handsome celebrity commenced his illustrious music career in 2014 at a tender age of 14 years. He began his career as vocalist and original frontman of IV of Spades and later pursued a solo career.

Unique Salonga Girlfriend, Relationship

The guitarist has managed to keep his relationship affairs private. As much as we can comfortable tell that he is not yet married, anything to do with a girlfriend remains unclear and we will perhaps need to wait longer. However, the star remains focused on his career at the moment.

Unique Salonga Instagram, Facebook

He is a very active social media member who enjoys an incredible following. You can keep updated about his next project if you follow him on various platforms using the official links below.

Facebook: @uniquesalongaph
Instagram: @uniquesalongaph

Unique Salonga Grooming Allegation

According to the news that went viral on social media, Unique Salonga is said to be a groomer and has been in a situation of grooming allegations on the internet lately.

Unique Salonga has never confirmed or denied the allegations as of now, his fans and followers are also defending the singer on social media and demanding the proof and victim as there has not been one on the surface yet.

He was said to have forced a 15-year-old fan to meet up according to a Facebook page and people have been going wild on the internet after the issue appeared on Facebook and Twitter.

But, as of now, there is not much information on the internet, and information about authorities getting involved in the case and investigations has also not come to the surface.