Untold Story Behind Comedian Mirco Nontschew’s Cause of Death

Untold Story Behind Comedian Mirco Nontschew's Cause of Death

With a heavy heart, we have to inform you of the comedian’s passing on December 4, 2021. Stay till the end to find out more about Mirco Nontschew’s cause of unexpected death. Although the cause is still unclear, there are a few things to share.

About the talented comedian, he was born on October 29, 1969, in East Berlin. He became famous by appearing in the RTL Saturday night program.

According to reviews, his ability was performed in the best way possible to imitate noises and tones almost perfectly. He was also the quiz master for Barth but was fair in the show Welcome to Mario Barth.

Shortly afterward, leaving the GDR, he moved to West Germany. Following his musical talents, including playing drums and piano, he was recognized by Hugo Egon Balder at the RTL television station.

He was a founding member of the television comedy series RTL Saturday Night in 1993. Later on, he achieved his own program, Micromania, on Sat.1, in which he could be seen with Janine Kunze back in 2001.

To name a few of his projects:

  • 2001: Mircomania
  • 2005–2008: Frei Schnauze (XXL) 
  • 2010: Lafer, Lichter, Lecker 
  • 2011–2012: Die dreisten Drei 
  • 2013: Die Kaya Show
  • 2013–2017: Willkommen bei Mario Barth
  • 2021: LOL: Last One Laughing

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What leads to Mirco Nontschew’s Cause of Death?

As it’s reported, Mr. Nontschew passed away last week at the age of only 52; however, nothing yet has been shared, clarifying Mirco Nontschew’s cause of death.

His manager and close friend Bertram Riddle stated: “We confirm the death of our friend and family member. The family is asking for attention in this difficult time.”

Along with the tragic news, many have been sharing their condolences through social media as one wrote: “Could it be that he never joked at someone else’s expense? And still was so damn funny with a clown face and great timing. Thank you for a nice youth. #mirconontschew.”

Another expressed: “Oh no. As a child, I saw him for the first time on a Saturday night. I laughed tears, got a stomach ache, and when the show was over, I continued to bother me about him. For me, his sense of humor made him one of the really big ones in Germany. Crying face Farewell.”

Tommy Krappweis tweeted: “Once per broadcast, God pointed to the micro and said, “You are now the funniest person in the world for 3 minutes” (Wigald Boning) Have a good trip, Micro. Make ’em laugh # MircoNontschew.”

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