Update on potential UCL ban for Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid


Almost a week after the Super League came into existence and then quickly ran off with its tail between its legs, financial backers of the breakaway league, JP Morgan, have issued a belated statement.

One by one the Premier League clubs that had signed up pulled out, followed by the Italian clubs and Atletico Madrid of La Liga.

At this point, only Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus retain a confirmed interest, though it’s believed that no one has yet reneged on their contracts, meaning that a Super League of some description is almost certain to happen.

The notion of the Super League wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of JP Morgan, and though the dust hasn’t completely settled from events of last weekend, the financiers clearly felt it was the right time to release their statement on the matter.

“We clearly misjudged how this deal would be viewed by the wider football community and how it might impact them in future,” the statement read.

“We will learn from this.”

Where money talks, however, the statement will surely be shown to not be the worth the paper it’s been written on in due course.