‘Vandeprump Rules’ Jax Taylor Opens Up About Drug Use, Why He Quit Alcohol

‘Vandeprump Rules’ Jax Taylor Opens Up About Drug Use, Why He Quit Alcohol
Jax Taylor


Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules

Jax Taylor opened up about his daily drug use in a new interview. While speaking on the Daddy Issues podcast with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson, Taylor admitted that marijuana has helped with his anxiety and even his marriage to Brittany Cartwright,

Days before his wife was due to give birth to their first child, Taylor told the podcast hosts that he started smoking weed regularly as a way to cope with the death of his father, Ronald Cauchi and that he still stars his day with it.

“I get up at like five or six every day cause I go to bed kind of early,” Taylor said. “ So I get up five or six. But I need that first cup of coffee and just a couple hits of a joint in the morning …The coffee and the weed, they kind of level me out… I don’t drink alcohol anymore. I don’t do anything else. All I do is my occasional joint before I go to bed and once in the morning.”

Jax added that smoking has helped with his anxiety.

“I started about three years ago, to be honest when my father passed away,” he said. “It was just brutal. It not only helped with my anxiety, it helped with my marriage, it helped with my friends. I mean I’m just a calmer person. I don’t let things bother me. I have a very short fuse- very, very short fuse, like my father… I probably wouldn’t be with my wife right now if it wasn’t for weed.”

Taylor admitted that during his Hollywood “heyday” he would take edibles during the day, but now that he’s about to be a father he uses edibles to help him sleep.

“I get a good night’s sleep with the edibles at night,” he said. “I take it before bed, and I don’t wake up until six in the morning. And when I wake up at six, I’m like gung-ho ready to go… no grogginess.”

Jax Taylor Revealed Why He Quit Drinking Alcohol

Jax Taylor

BravoJax Taylor on Vanderpump Rules

While Taylor revealed that he would like to be an advocate for marijuana, he no longer drinks alcohol.

“I stopped drinking, not because I dislike alcohol, but because my body won’t accept it anymore,” he said.

Taylor explained that for the past two decades, his drink of choice was straight vodka, but for some reason his body now rejects it.

“I drink vodka straight,” he added. “ I’ve been drinking that for 20 years. And one day about a year ago I went out for a drink and I had a sip and I got sick… Thought maybe I just wasn’t feeling good. Went out a  couple of nights later and I got sick again. So I had to give up alcohol. I guess my body just said no more. It’s a bummer because I like to drink but I just can’t do it. So that’s why I smoke”

Jax Taylor’s Former Costar Claimed He Was ‘Usually on Drugs’ While Filming ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Vanderpump Rules Cast

GettyVanderpump Rules cast attend the MTV Movie and TV Awards at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California

Taylor’s openness about how weed has saved him comes days after his former Vanderpump Rules costar Billie Lee described him as always on drugs and “difficult to work with.”

On the 2 Servings of Fruit podcast, Lee said Taylor was “very difficult to work with” and he was “usually on drugs” while filming the Bravo reality show. The former SUR hostess claimed Taylor was constantly “agitated” and “angry” and she accused producers of letting him slide despite the toxic environment he created.

“They would dance around that behavior,” the former Vanderpump Rules star claimed.

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