‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Details Blowout Fights With Randall Emmett

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Details Blowout Fights With Randall Emmett


Lala Kent and Randall Emmett attend the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 23, 2019 in Santa Monica, California.

Lala Kent opened up about her wild behavior before she got sober. In her new book, Give Them Lala, the “Vanderpump Rules” star revealed she was “hammered” for most of her early seasons on the Bravo reality show, and that the alcohol turned her into the ultimate mean girl.

No one was off limits – fans may recall Lala once called her co-star Katie Maloney a “no-sex-having Teletubby” as she body-shamed her —  but fans may be surprised to find out just how low she went with her fiance, Randall Emmett, during some of their biggest blowout fights.

Lala Kent Revealed How She Met Randall Emmett

When fans first met Lala, she was single and going through a promiscuous phase. In her book, she revealed that once she met Randall – who was still married to his wife, Ambyr Childers and remained mysteriously unnamed when Lala first began talking about him on the Bravo reality show – she felt like she had a “scarlet letter” on her, according to Us Weekly.

Lala met Randall in 2015 through his assistant when she was working at  Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. After the assistant asked Lala if she had a manager, he hooked her up for an audition for Randall’s film, The Row.

Of Randall, Lala admitted she was “shook” by how attracted she was to him because he was so different from the guys she had dated in the past. “There was something about him that felt intriguing,” she wrote.

Randall didn’t hold back his feelings either. He paired a copy of The Row script with a Chanel bag and Christian Louboutin boots and the two went on their first date a few months later.

“Yes, I let Randall hit it on the first date, although if you break it down, that first date had been several months, several hundred text conversations and a lot of bottled up feelings in the making,” Lala wrote in her book.

She also confirmed that her man did give her a Range Rover –a  topic that was repeatedly brought up on “Vanderpump Rules” — after coyly asking her if she wanted a new car. She also noted that she didn’t meet Randall’s daughters London and Rylee, until more than a year into her relationship with the wealthy film producer.

Lala Revealed Randall Nearly Ended Their Engagement

Although Lala and Randall ultimately got engaged in 2018, it didn’t come easy. In her tell-all, the Give Them Lala Beauty founder revealed that the two would get into heated arguments about him wanting to keep their relationship a secret until his divorce was final. She also blamed the Oscar-nominated filmmaker for her reputation as a “home-wrecking whore” who was forced to keep her relationship secret from her co-stars. Lala revealed that as her drinking increased, she began to lash out at Randall.

“At least once a week, mad dram would go down between us,” she wrote. “I’m taking relationship-ending, call-the-cops kind of drama.”

Lala detailed a story of tossing Randall’s wallet off the balcony of an Atlanta hotel room and then dousing his luggage in a bathtub.

According to Page Six, she also flipped out during a trip to Miami, where she  threw all of Randall’s clothes and personal  items into a pool before taking his toothbrush and “putting it in my a–hole for a minute.” Lala revealed that she watched Randall brush his teeth later, she informed him where his toothbrush had been.

Lala also confirmed to Page Six that she inserted the “brush” side of the toothbrush into her butt, telling the outlet, “Oh honey, if I’m putting your toothbrush in my a–, I’m not half-a–ing it, no pun intended. We’re going with the side that you’re putting in your mouth.”

In her book, Lala revealed that Randall had planned to end their engagement after she was drunk for days in a row during a trip with his kids to Disney World.  She then admitted to him that she was an alcoholic and agreed to get help.

Lala has been sober ever since, and the two recently welcomed their first baby together, a daughter they named Ocean Kent Emmett.  The wedding, originally set for April 2020, has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.