‘Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Accused of Putting Her Vlog Before Health

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Accused of Putting Her Vlog Before Health


Scheana Shay attends the “The Commuter” New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on January 8, 2018 in New York City.

Scheana Shay clapped back at a critic who accused her of putting her YouTube vlog ahead of her health. The “Vanderpump Rules” star, who gave birth to a baby girl, Summer Moon Honey Davies, earlier this week, suffered a serious post-pregnancy complication. But that didn’t stop her from multitasking while in the hospital.

After Scheana took to her Instagram story to announce she had posted a new vlog on her YouTube channel, she received a harsh reaction from an angry follower.

Here’s what you need to know about the situation:

Scheana Suffered a Postpartum Complication of Preeclampsia Called HELLP Syndrome

Scheana’s fans were worried when she posted a teaser that she was in labor on Sunday and then went radio silent for a few days after. Following baby Summer’s birth, the new mom shared a photo to Instagram and revealed that she suffered a serious complication.

“Almost 24 hours after being induced, my blood pressure was extremely elevated,” she wrote. “I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which has now turned into HELLP syndrome. My doctor said I was lucky, and we caught this just in time to treat as it’s very unusual to be caught so late, in postpartum. Until this morning I was on a magnesium drip that made me extremely lethargic and flu-like, shivering uncontrollably to the point where I felt like I was seizing.”

The “Vanderpump Rules” veteran added that if her condition had not been caught in time, she would have likely had a seizure. She also revealed that she was being monitored closely for elevated liver enzymes and low blood platelets and would have to have an extended stay at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Scheana Shared a Screenshot of a Nasty DM She Received Following Her Vlog Teaser

Sheana ShaySheana Shay

GettySheana Shay attends the special screening of Lionsgate’s “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” at TCL Chinese Theatre

While she has shared several photos of her life as a new mom, Scheana also took a minute to post a teaser for her popular YouTube channel in which she touted a “new post!” was up. The new vlog featured Scheana’s last-minute baby prep, a look at her daughter’s nursery, as well as a segment on CPR training. But not all of her followers appreciated the reality star’s diversion back to her YouTube content.

Following her vlog teaser, Scheana shared a screenshot of an Instagram DM she received that read, “Omg FOCUS ON YOUR PREECLAMPSIA!!! Seriously you want to preach and talk about it but still freaking worried about your blog?? Girl we have other in vitro mommies and you’re being so inconsiderate. We all stood by you so maybe you need to stand by us. SO SELFISH.”

The Bravo star fired back to let her critic know that she is completely focused on her health and on baby Summer.

“She’s doing just fine, and I’m improving each day here,” Scheana wrote. “I’m not ‘worried’ about my vlog. I already shot this and post every week, and it has some great CPR training for people. How about you watch over the next three weeks as I navigate through having HELLP syndrome at the hospital? Hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows!”

Scheana did receive support from fans who posted positive comments to her vlog post. Several followers thanked her for sharing her pregnancy journey with them, and another praised the reality star for posting the CPR segment to help other new parents.

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