‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Is Preparing Her Cats For Her Baby

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Is Preparing Her Cats For Her Baby


Scheana Shay is seen as Jamie Chung celebrates her 42 Gold Collection at LaPeer Hotel on March 20, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.

Scheana Shay is doing some last-minute prep ahead of the birth of her baby girl—and it involves schooling her cats on newborn sounds and smells.

The Vanderpump Rules star, who is due April 24 with her first child boyfriend with her Brock Davies, recently moved back to Los Angeles full-time after living in San Diego for the past eight months. On her Instagram story, she shared a video of the move, which also features her cats, Penny and Salem, adjusting to their new Hollywood penthouse ahead of the birth of “mini Scheana.”

Scheana Said Her Cats Are Her ‘First Kids’ & She Needs to Prep Them for Her Newborn

In a new interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish, Scheana revealed that Penny and Salem are in tune with her pregnancy and have been “needy” as her due date approaches.

“They seem to know, like they’ll lay on my stomach a lot,” she said. “They’ve been much more needy the last few months since my belly started growing and she’s moving.”

She added that once her baby girl is born, she hopes the kitties “just love her and don’t try to claw at her or hop in the bassinet and snuggle her too closely.”

“These Heavy on Bravo TV,Celebrities,Reality TV,Vanderpump Rules are my first kids,” she said. “So I told Brock, I said when we come home you need to be holding the baby. I will greet the cats right away. I don’t want them to feel like they don’t have that attention.”

She added that her mom, Erika, and sister Cortney, will also be around to help her with the baby, and noted that as long as the cats are getting attention she thinks they will be okay. Of preparing the cats for the baby’s arrival, Scheana added, “We’ve just started playing like crying sounds randomly and putting the phone in the crib with a crying sound to see how they react. But honestly other than that I’ve been told to bring a blanket or something home with her scent before we bring her home so they can get used to it.”

Scheana Revealed That She Has Received Unwanted Advice About Her Cats During Her Pregnancy

Scheana has been getting plenty of advice – both solicited and unsolicited – from fans throughout her pregnancy. Much of it has been centered on her two felines. She was previously told by fans that she should not be cleaning her cat’s litter box while pregnant.

“Like y’all, I’ve been pregnant for a long time,” the Bravo star said on her story, according to Hollywood Life. “Like, you don’t think I know that I’m not supposed to clean cat litter? That’s what I got a Litter-Robot for.”

She also said that while most fans are well-meaning, not all of the advice is helpful.

“One [person said to] me, ‘you know, you better watch your cats around the baby because they’re gonna smell milk and they’re gonna smother her and they could suffocate her in the crib.’ I’m like ‘okay well that’s not very helpful or nice,’” Scheana told Bravo.

“People on Instagram are like ‘be careful with cats around babies, you know, cats this, cats that.’ I’m like maybe. And maybe not,” she said. “You don’t know how an animal’s gonna react until they do. So I’m just, I’m really hoping for the best. Like what am I supposed to do, get rid of my cats I’ve had for 11 years ’cause I’m having a baby? No. Millions of people have cats and babies. It’ll be okay.”

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