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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has aimed a strong attack at the Gunners’ ownership over their poor running of the club and the European Super League controversy.

The Frenchman is one of Arsenal’s best ever players and is outspoken about his ongoing affection for the north London giants, though he now admits he doesn’t recognise his old club.

Henry has not tended to criticise the Arsenal ownership in the past, but it seems clear now that he’s just as unhappy about it as most other supporters.

Speaking to the Telegraph about the Kroenkes and the collapse of the Super League plans, Henry said: “This club belongs to the fans, I love the club and I will support the club until I die, but I do not recognise my club and what happened just now, with them trying to join a league that would have been closed, makes no sense to me.

“They have been running the club like a company, not a football club, and they showed their hand. Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the core football values and maybe the money was too big of a temptation. But whatever it was, they got it wrong. Badly wrong.

“I was genuinely shocked like most people and couldn’t believe what was unfolding. I have never talked before, but what happened recently made me realise fans, this is your club. It is your club and I’m an Arsenal fan too. I’m proud of what the fans achieved. Not just Arsenal fans, all the fans. The result was a victory for football.

“Fans always decide, as you saw with the ESL. You have to listen to the fans and I can understand why they protested.

“The ESL didn’t happen because of the fans. Not only me, you and the fans said it was wrong, they (the owners) also said it was wrong. They showed their hand and that was disappointing.

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“I remember when I arrived, not the Tottenham fans or our rivals, but a lot of the time I used to hear, ‘My second team, if I had to pick one, is Arsenal’, because of the history, the culture, the class, the family. But I don’t hear that or see that anymore and it pains me. We need to get that image back. We need our identity back.”

Arsenal fans will surely hope a change in ownership can come soo, with the club looking in a pretty dire situation both on and off the pitch right now.

The Gunners are 9th in the Premier League table and lost 1-0 at home to Everton this week to further dent their hopes of playing European football next season.

It’s clear a lot needs to change if the glory days are ever to return to the Emirates Stadium.