Vikings Fan Recalls Eric Kendricks’ Good Deed

Vikings Fan Recalls Eric Kendricks’ Good Deed
Eric Kendricks of Minnesota Vikings


A story emerged of how Eric Kendricks helped a neighbor with their groceries years ago.

Charity and community outreach have become regular tenants of the NFL, donating millions of dollars in grants to numerous causes around the country.

Players have followed suit, starting their own charitable organizations. But when the cameras are away, some players return to their scheduled regiments and focus on training and the task at hand.

Minnesota Vikings All-Pro linebacker Eric Kendricks doesn’t have that off-switch.

One fan on Twitter recently revealed a story from over five years ago where Kendricks lent a helping hand.

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Kendricks Lends a Helping Hand

A Twitter user posted a series of tweets detailing a story of how Kendricks, who likely lived in a much nicer apartment than them, carried groceries with the family to a different apartment building than his.

Here’s the thread of tweets:

here’s a story time from when I first moved to Minnesota: I moved into Eitel apartments in Minneapolis in 2016(I no longer live there) We parked in a parking garage that’s as shared with another, way nicer/expensive apartment building.

There was a target not very far away, so we’d bike there for groceries. When we got back we put our bikes in the parking garage. We were walking back and I was struggling to carry my groceries cuz I was like 9

Long story short @EricKendricks54 parked in the same parking garage as us because he lived in the other building. Anyways he carried my groceries for me up the elevator. He is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!!! We had a whole conversation.

The fan capped his story by posting a photo of Kendricks with the caption: “STAN THIS MAN @EricKendricks54 Thanks for helping me with my groceries in 2016 homie.”

“Haha I actually remember than [sic].. no problem bro, we all need a hand sometimes,” Kendricks replied.

The story is as ordinary and mundane as any happening between two neighbors, but even after reaching a height of fame, Kendricks continues to show he’s still in touch with everyday people.

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Kendricks Takes Over as the Vikings Walter Peyton Man of the Year Nominee

Longtime Vikings representative for the Walter Peyton Man of the Year award Kyle Rudolph passed the torch to Kendricks last season after Kendricks received the nomination.

Both players were outspoken and active in pushing the Vikings franchise to do more during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest in Minneapolis last year.

Kendricks sold paintings last summer to raise coronavirus relief funds, while Rudolph and several other Vikings helped south Minneapolis residents with groceries.


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