Warriors Forward Says He’s ‘Lucky to Be Here’ After Scary Injury

Warriors Forward Says He’s ‘Lucky to Be Here’ After Scary Injury


Golden State Warriors Forward Juan Toscano-Anderson suffered a scary head injury after an alarming fall in a game against the Boston Celtics earlier this month. It was later ruled that the 28-year-old had suffered from a concussion and endured a large cut in his head which required 35 stitches. In a postgame interview on Friday, the second-year player shared that he’s “lucky to be here” after the shocking injury.

Toscano-Anderson Explains His Injury


Luckily, the proclaimed Warriors’ Fan-Favorite will be just fine after sustaining a head injury that had him out for two games. In his postgame interview per the Warriors SoundCloud, Toscano-Anderson is grateful for his opportunity to play for the Golden State Warriors and is very thankful that the injury wasn’t worse.

I’m not looking for a pity part. But it was a scary fall. I cracked my head open, got some stitches. I watched the play over and over. Nobody really realized how dangerous that fall was because you can’t see when I hit my head or where I hit my head. I hit my head on the same thing Steph hit his butt on. Honestly man, in hindsight, I’m lucky to be here. It could’ve been much worse.

The injury happened during a 119-114 loss to the Celtics when he was chasing the ball and dove out of bounds for the loose ball in order to prevent the team from committing a turnover. The guard tumbled over the scorer’s table then hit his head on the ground. According to him, it was the same table that Steph Curry sustained his tailbone injury on. What made the fall so severe was the fact that he landed on a step with a “metal edge,” as he described.

Although the team applauded Toscano-Anderson when he got up from the fall, the fall was much scarier than it appeared. JTA suffered a concussion and had to receive 35 stitches to close up the wise cut on his head.

Moving Forward with Toscano-Anderson


Although Curry has been headlining the Warriors’ roster this season with his MVP-like season, Toscano-Anderson has been another key player who has brought joy to the team’s fan base this season. He has given the team with an all-around play that has provided the team with lots of energy and effort.

Toscano-Anderson has played a vital role in the Warriors’ success so far this season. He spent the majority of his career in the G League after leaving Marquette in 2015.
Last year was his first official season in the NBA and he has made an impact for the Warriors since he joined the roster.

It’s great news that JTA’s injury wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, but the forward will surely be dealing with the injury for a while. The way that he describes the play and states that he would make it again is one reason why the team’s fan base adores him and could be a reason why he will acquire a full-time NBA contract soon.

After this injury, the league might need to take into consideration a new setup of the sideline. After both JTA and Curry sustaining an injury from the same setup, there should be new setups in consideration that will keep players safe from injury when diving for a loose ball. With only 12 games left for the season, the Warriors are in dire need of JTA’s energy in order to help them lock in their spot in the play-in tournament.

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