WATCH: Charlie Bit My Finger Video Auction, to Be Removed


A screenshot from the Charlie Bit Me video.

The iconic Charlie Bit My finger video will be removed from YouTube on May 23, 2021, and auctioned off as an “NFT.”

“Seen by over 880 million people, Charlie Bit My Finger is the most-viewed viral video of all time,” explains the website,

The website explains that the video will be removed from YouTube forever. Here’s why.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Website Says One Person Will Have the Opportunity to Own the Video

Charlie bit my finger – again ! – On May 23rd this video will be removed from YouTube 🙂Visit for all the latest on the NFT auction Contact us at [email protected] I am sorry comments are turned off. YouTube have set the video to ‘made for kids’. I have appealed over three times and every time I get an anonymous rejection from the community. I have tried to get engagements levels back…2007-05-22T20:37:33Z

The website explains why the video will be removed. It’s being sold as an NFT, which is a non-fungible token.

NFT’s are “a piece of data, secured by blockchain code, where the owner is the only person with access to the data,” explains

“The beloved clip has become a household name and holds a special place in the hearts of many. Now, the iconic video will be removed from YouTube and one person will have the opportunity to own it in its new form as a 1/1 NFT, memorializing them in internet history forever. The NFT winner will also get the opportunity to create their own parody of the video featuring the original stars, Harry and Charlie,” the Charlie Bit Me site explains.

The video shows a boy named Harry holding a baby named Charlie, who then bites his finger. The boy chuckles and says, “Charlie bit me.” The boy then sticks his finger back in Charlie’s mouth and declares, “Ouch. Charlie, that really hurt.”

“Charlie bit my finger – again ! – On May 23rd this video will be removed from YouTube :)” says the caption with the YouTube video.

People Are Asked to Bid

The auction starts on May 22 at 9:00 a.m. CDT. You can sign up here.

The website says there will be bidding. “Bid to own the soon-to-be-deleted YouTube phenomenon, Charlie Bit My Finger, leaving you as the sole owner of this lovable piece of internet history (while also getting the chance to say Charlie bit your finger, if you want to see what all the hype is about),” it explains.

Harry and Charlie are now teens, the website says: “Filmed as a part of catching random moments as the boys were growing up, Charlie Bit My Finger unintentionally went viral, capturing the hearts of all who saw it. Originally only intended to be seen by family and friends, it became the most-viewed viral video on YouTube. Harry, aged three, is relaxing watching television with Charlie, aged one, after a day spent playing in the garden. Inexplicably, Harry decides to put his finger in Charlie’s mouth, and the rest is history.”

It continues, “The 56-second video takes you on an adorable rollercoaster of joy, pain, love, and laughter, plus all the facial expressions to boot. Harry and Charlie, now 17 and 15, are soon entering adulthood and embarking on the next chapter of their lives, the perfect opportunity to embrace the next iteration of the internet. Charlie Bit My Finger has been a huge part of the Davies-Carr family’s lives for the past 14 years, and they are excited to welcome others to become a part of their story. This is not the end of the beloved video, but rather a new beginning.”

The family’s last name is Davies-Carr, according to USA Today. The boys were ages 3 and 1 when the video was filmed, the news site reported.