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Kelly Clarkson Has Awkward Moment Backstage


Kelly Clarkson

Music superstar and TV host Kelly Clarkson brought actor Ed Helms onto “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and it ended up with Helms playing the banjo for Clarkson while they sang one of her original hit songs.

While on the show, Clarkson asked Helms if he played any instruments, which led him to share that he has been playing the banjo and did, conveniently, bring the instrument and put it behind the couch just in case she asked him to play it.

He told her he was going to play a traditional song for her before actually breaking out into one of Clarkson’s most popular songs.

Clarkson & Helms Performed ‘Since U Been Gone’ Together

Ed Helms & Kelly Duet ‘Since U Been Gone’ On The BanjoKelly knew that Ed Helms had an ear for music because he’s in a band called The Lonesome Trio, but she was blown away when he pulled out his banjo and played a folksy cover of her song, “Since U Been Gone.” Kelly loves the rendition so much that she joins in and sings along!…2021-04-27T03:09:41Z

Helms started out by saying the song was an “old tune,” but he reassured Clarkson that she might know it and if she did, she should “feel free to sing along.”

As soon as Helms started singing with the lyrics, “Here’s the thing, we started out friends,” Clarkson started laughing.

As soon as she composed herself, she jumped in to sing with him.

“I love the banjo version!” she exclaimed while clapping along, and she even gave him a standing ovation.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “I might be calling you. No joke! I feel like we just connected. The energy was nice. I have never heard, in all the years I’ve been doing that song, we are now gonna release a banjo version. That would be amazing.”

Helms Opened Up About Punching a Wall on ‘The Office’

As part of his time on the show, Clarkson talked to Ed Helms about his time on “The Office.” She welcomed the star to the show by telling him that he’s hilarious and has great comedic timing, and he told her that he also finds her hilarious.

Helms talked about raising his 3-year-old child as well as former pets he had, Helms’s new project, the Peacock original show “Rutherford Falls,” and doomsday prepping before the host pivoted to talk about “The Office.”

“In ‘The Office,’ your character punched a hole in the wall, and I wanted to ask you this, because I’ve been able to, in a video of mine, I think it was ‘Since U Been Gone,’ I got to trash a room and they said I could break a table, and it was a glass table, and then I found out it was sugar glass, it wasn’t even real glass,” Clarkson shared.

Helms said he was really punching a wall, but he’s an “incredibly tough guy.”

“I told the stunt guys, make that wall extra thick because I don’t want it to be easy,” he joked. “It was actually the opposite, I was like, guys, we’re gonna have to do a lot of takes of this so make it paper thin.”

He shared that the stunt coordinators came in and they put a pad behind the wall.

“I came away with no serious injuries, but Kelly, I did get some scratches on my knuckles,” Helms joked.

“Rutherford Falls” premiered on Peacock on April 22, 2021.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

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