WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Gets Incredible Steal on The Voice

What’s Nick Jonas’ Favorite Experience on ‘The Voice’?

Trae Patton/NBC

Coaches on NBC’s “The Voice” put their teams together for season 20, and they have been working their way to live shows by eliminating one contestant at a time.

In what some fans dubbed a questionable decision, Nick Jonas chose to go with Rachel Mac over Zae Romeo after the latter contestant absolutely smashed his performance.

Luckily for Romeo, coach Kelly Clarkson pushed her button to bring him onto her team and move forward in the competition all the way to live shows.

Fans Questioned Jonas’s Decision

Fans took to Twitter right after the Knockout round to talk about the decision Jonas made.

“#thevoice, Nick you should’ve kept him,” one person tweeted.

Another thought the decision was calculated, writing, “I can only assume Nick did that because he knew Zae would be stolen. Otherwise that was insane.”

People replied to that tweet to agree with the premise, citing that Romeo had been a four-chair turn at the Blind Auditions.

“And NO Nick you picked Rachel becuase you’re being ridiculous and didn’t want Blake to get her, SMH,” another user tweeted.

Other users went further, writing, “Nick Jonas just gave away the winner of ‘The Voice’ to Kelly Clarkson. Cmon man.”

Watch The Epic Knockout Round

The Knockout between Rachel Mac and Zae Romeo was amazing, and it left all of the coaches moved.

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