WATCH: Nathan’s Not Letting Elizabeth Go in WCTH Sneak Peek

WATCH: Nathan’s Not Letting Elizabeth Go in WCTH Sneak Peek

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A sneak peek for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart reveals that Nathan isn’t ready to give up on Elizabeth just yet — he’s going to keep on fighting for her. Fans have mixed reactions to this clip, just like they did to last week’s sneak peek.

This post has small spoilers for Season 8 Episode 9 of When Calls the Heart, in the form of a short sneak peek video. 

Nathan Tells Rosemary He’s Not Going to Stop Fighting for Elizabeth

ET Online shared the exclusive sneak peek, which you can watch at this link or in the embedded video below.

In the sneak peek clip, Nathan is stopping by the library while Rosemary is there. She said she didn’t expect to see him there and Nathan responds, “Well Rosemary, I’m full of surprises. I even read!”

Rosemary chuckles and says, “That’s hardly what I meant to imply. I just consider you a man of action, first and foremost.”

“What are you doing in here? I thought you’d be helping Florence?”

“I was,” Rosemary says. “But without much luck, so I decided to take a break, come in here, and do a little research.”

Nathan looks at the books on one of the shelves and says, “You know, most of the books that I have read are by men. But I have read many by women. Louisa May Alcott, Mary Shelley. You know, I can even quote a few lines from Dickinson.”

“You really are full of surprises,” Rosemary replies.

“But the biggest surprise to me is that I still don’t understand women,” Nathan laments. “Not entirely anyway.”

“If I might. I’ve been in exactly your position,” Rosemary says. “For a short time, I was in love with Jack Thornton. We were even engaged. And while I absolutely married the right man, I’d say I may have caused Elizabeth and Jack some unhappiness along the way.”

“I’m sorry Rosemary,” Nathan says. “I can’t let Elizabeth go that easily. I just can’t.”

Some Fans Are Thrilled By the Sneak Peek & Others Just Want Nathan to Move On

Fans are having mixed reactions to this sneak peek, just like they did when they saw last week’s sneak peek.

Team Nathan fans are thrilled that Nathan’s still fighting for the woman he loves. One fan tweeted: “And now I’m crying. Geez. He reads books. Many women authors. Oh the layers. Elizabeth! Rosemary was spot on and polite. But Nathan can’t let her go that easily. Oh my gosh. This show. No wonder I’m obsessed. It just keeps getting better and better.”

Another fan wrote, “When you think about it, N has been around strong women his whole life. His mom was on her own for most of his childhood, his sister was a spitfire, so is Allie. N truly knows, values, & respects women. He has been doing that his entire life.”

Team Lucas fans, meanwhile, just wish that Nathan would move on and let Elizabeth and Lucas date in peace.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “We’ll have to wait for the episode to air to confirm it, but it looks like Rosemary might try to talk some sense into Nathan. Hence his, ‘I’m sorry Rosemary, I can’t let Elizabeth go that easily.’ She knows E is happy with L, I wouldn’t be surprised if she points that out to N.”

After watching the preview, they added: “So, according to the ET preview, it does look like Rosie tries to discourage N from pursuing E. That’s a huge sign! I think this will boil down to N realizing he’s protective of E because of what happened to J, but not in love with her (at best, an idealized version of her.)”

Some Team Lucas fans even think that Nathan will ultimately decide that Lucas is the better match and step aside.

Of course, only time will tell. Both Team Nathan and Team Lucas fans can find reasons to continue hoping at this point.

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