WATCH: Seattle Zombie Woman TikTok Video Causes a Stir


Screenshots from the Seattle Zombie woman TikTok video.

A so-called Seattle “Zombie woman” TikTok video is causing a stir, although some people think the term is inappropriate because it involves a woman who appears to be in some kind of distress. What is causing her distress is unclear.

The video was first shared by TikTok user SixTwentySeven, whose name is Ishea Brown Couch. Although it’s been deleted from TikTok, you can watch a compilation of the TikTok videos below. Be aware that it’s all disturbing. The video went viral on May 8, 2021. Couch recorded video of the zombie woman on May 6.

Video shows a woman stumbling through the streets. “What the f***?” the person making the video says as the bizarre scene unfolds.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Seattle ‘Zombie Woman’ Is Seen in Great Distress, Howling in the Streets

Zombie Woman in Seattle? Update Full Video | Tiktok CompilationsTiktok debates zombie woman in seattle, but the people who capture this video said she was really in an accident. #zombiewoman #zombieseattle #zombie #zombietiktok #tiktok #tiktokcompilation2021-05-08T13:13:54Z

The above video is a compilation of the TikTok videos on the so-called Seattle TikTok zombie woman. In one scene, the woman, her hands clutched around her chest, is walking through the streets and howling or yelling in apparent distress. In both scenes, she is limping or dragging one leg or foot.


Two police officers show up at one point to try to help the woman. She appears to only be wearing one shoe. In another scene, multiple officers cluster around the woman after she falls to or is lying on the ground. The woman is clearly in great distress in all of the video scenes. At one point, she struggles as officers try to put her on a stretcher.

Even odder, she appears to only have patches of hair.

The Woman Had ‘Three Strands of Hair’ & ‘Agonizing Screams,’ a TikTok User Wrote

The TikTok user who took a video of the woman described what she saw in a now deleted caption.

“The face. Torn clothes. 3 strands of hair. Agonizing screams. I was shook,” Ishea captioned her original post, according to Dextero. “The police ended up coming to help her.”

It’s not clear who the woman is or why she was in distress. Some people thought it was fake and was part of filming for a movie. Some people thought she was really a zombie. Some people thought she was in an accident. Some people thought she was having a mental breakdown. The truth is not known.

“Hey if anyone saw that ‘zombie’ video on tiktok, I’m pretty sure that woman was in an accident and her hair/scalp got caught on something and ripped off. I’m pretty sure thats what she’s holding and honestly I really hope she gets the medical attention she needs and is okay,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“I was trying to figure out what it is too, and a lot of people are pointing out it might be filming for a movie called KIMI since the car plate is a Washington plate and it’s being filmed in Seattle. I really hope that’s all it is 😬” wrote another.

“I saw this Tiktok of this woman screaming in agony, holding a bag of blood(?) & her hair shaved off. OP said the police took her but jesus,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

“it was in seattle apparently. and i actually don’t know anything i just watched the video accidentally bc it was in my fyp and it was so disturbing to see. be careful, if you get very triggered about these things,” wrote another person on Twitter.