WATCH: Six Flags Too Short Shorts TikTok Video Goes Viral

Facebook (Bailey Breedlove)

Part of the Six Flags too short shorts video.

An Oklahoma mother named Bailey Breedlove is claiming she was kicked out of the Oklahoma City Six Flags amusement park for wearing too short shorts, and she captured it on a TikTok video that she also posted to Facebook. You can watch the video later in this article.

Bailey Breedlove wrote about the incident on Facebook. In an update, Breedlove wrote, “Update: we have spoken with the Oklahoma police department captain and he assured us this was NOT an Oklahoma city police officer.” The young mother lives in Durango, Colorado, according to her Facebook page.

Six Flags has a different story, saying that Breedlove wasn’t kicked out for her shorts but rather for her behavior toward guards, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. However, the amusement park admitted she was first approached because her shorts showed part of her buttocks and given a chance to change or cover up.

Breedlove says in the post that she is autistic. Her post is dated May 2, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Breedlove Wrote That Her Experience at Six Flags Was ‘Traumatizing’

“This was my experience at six flags,” Breedlove started the post. “Trying to at least get my money back and let everyone know about their ‘policies.’”

She then wrote a lengthy description in letter form to the popular amusement park. She wrote:

Hello. I was at your park and 4/30/21. My experience there was traumatizing. I purchased tickets and parking online which was a lot of money. My family an I were welcomed into your park just fine at 5 pm. We were having fun, enjoying rides and spending money on what we thought was going to be a great vacation spot in Oklahoma city. About 7 pm my daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill on her heelies right next to me, I was holding her hand. Then she proceeded to follow me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were ‘too short.’ I committed no crime and proceeded to walk to my boyfriend as I am autistic and have a hard time talking to officers. She followed me yelling and calling for backup. Then your incompetent manager showed up and began body shaming me. I was told I needed to go buy new shorts which I am not obligated to purchase anything I don’t want to. Then I was threatened with criminal trespassing when I agreed to buy new shorts so my family could enjoy their vacation. I was then pushed and escorted toward the entrance. Accepting this, we were about to leave and were blocked by your female officer from leaving and she pulled out her cuffs and demanded my ID. When we asked for probable cause their answer was ‘because they are the police.’ At this point we started recording so we do have video of the unlawful tactics. They wouldn’t provide us with badge numbers and I was terrified I was about to go to jail over a pair of shorts. Your officers had my 11 year old daughter crying hysterically thinking her mother was about to be arrested. Your policies are vague and confusing and the way you body shame and discriminate is unlawful. I paid a lot of money at your park for our family vacation and I believe I deserve a refund for the trauma caused to my family over a pair of shorts on a hot day. I will not be letting this go as this is 2021 and not middle school. The Oklahoma police department has been contacted as well as an attorney. I have a 5 year ban now but will not be returning to any of your parks if this is how you treat woman and law abiding citizens and visitors. You should be ashamed with yourselves.

A man in the video accuses her of being “disorderly.” Breedlove responds, “I’m mad, dude, I see all kinds of people in there.”

“They re saying her shorts are too small,” a man with Breedlove says in the video. Her small daughter is crying. The woman then demands her ID.

What Does Six Flags Say?

bailey breedlovebailey breedlove

FacebookBailey Breedlove

In a statement to McClatchy News, Six Flags said it asks “that guests wear attire appropriate for our family-friendly environment and expect guests to behave in a family-friendly manner. Disruptive or offensive behavior or the use of profanity or abusive language or gestures will not be tolerated and may result in a guest being removed from the park.”

The statement continued,

”The guest was initially stopped because her shorts exposed a significant portion of her buttocks,” the theme park said in a statement. “She was given multiple opportunities to change or cover up, but refused. Instead, she responded with profanity and offensive conduct, including further exposing her buttocks. The guest was removed from the park after she refused to stop her unruly and offensive behavior, targeted at the police and other park guests. The video clip this guest has posted on the internet does not fully portray her behavior during this incident.”