WATCH: WCTH Sneak Peek Shows Tense Elizabeth & Lucas Moment

WATCH: WCTH Sneak Peek Shows Tense Elizabeth & Lucas Moment

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A new sneak peek of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart reveals that Elizabeth and Lucas are going to have a tense moment on Sunday’s episode. The video has left Team Nathan fans excited, while Team Lucas fans are worried.

This article will have minor spoilers for Season 8 Episode 9, in terms of the sneak peek video, a photo, and a couple of other minor comments shared by cast and crew. 

Lucas Is Disappointed When He Asks Elizabeth What She Said When Nathan Confessed His Love Exclusive! When Calls the Heart “Pre-Wedding Jitters”2021-04-15T21:44:54Z

You can watch the sneak peek provided by Parade above.

In the video, Lucas visits Elizabeth at her house, apparently after Florence’s bachelorette party celebrating her upcoming wedding to Ned. They reference a moment at the party that was uncomfortable for both of them.

He laughs at the beginning of their conversation.

“You know it wasn’t funny,” she says, laughing with him.

“All right, perhaps not,” he says.

“Lucas, I was mortified,” she continues.

“Please don’t be. Not on my account,” he offers.

“You weren’t upset?”

“Of course not,” Lucas says.

“What about Nathan?” she asks.

“I think he should be fine. Did you have a chance to speak with him?”

“I did. I went by the jail and to be honest, it was awkward. He told me again that he loves me.”

At that moment, Rosemary steps outside, forcing them to pause at a tense moment in the conversation. But she quickly realizes they were talking about something important and goes back inside.

“So what did you say to Nathan when he told you that he loves you, again?”

Elizabeth pauses, clearly troubled by the question.

“I… Nothing. I just… Well, I just left.”

Lucas is clearly disturbed by that revelation.

“Why don’t you come inside?” she offers, trying to smooth things over. But he’s clearly upset by what she didn’t say to Nathan.

“I should get back to work,” he says, turning down her offer. “I just… I wanted to come by to make sure you’re all right.”

And at that point, he walks away.

Fans Aren’t Sure How to Read this New Sneak Peek

Fans aren’t really sure how to read this new sneak peek. Team Nathan fans hope that it’s good news and means that Elizabeth is reconsidering Nathan. But Team Lucas fans are worried that this is bad news for Lucas or, at the very least, will cause some temporary issues between the couple.

Lucas really did look sad when he found out that she just left and didn’t tell Nathan that she didn’t love him.

Some fans are more hopeful and are thinking that maybe Elizabeth told Lucas what Nathan said because she’s hoping to push him to declare his feelings for her too.

Even Team Nathan fans who didn’t love Lucas and Elizabeth together are saying they feel bad for Lucas in this scene.

Some fans think this scene is related to the photo below, which is from Florence’s bachelorette party. Lucas seems amused by something and Carson can be seen watching the three of them and smirking.

Other fans commented that Nathan looked almost hopeful in that photo.

At this point, it looks like Elizabeth could still go with either Nathan or Lucas.

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