WCTH Creator Shares Photo of Elizabeth from Season 8 Finale

WCTH Creator Shares Photo of Elizabeth from Season 8 Finale

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Photo of Elizabeth from an earlier episode in Season 8.

Creator and executive producer of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, Brian Bird, shared a photo from the show’s upcoming season finale episode and fans are confused about what it means. The photo shows Elizabeth looking upset, and it’s unclear at what point the photo takes place during the finale.

Bird Shared This Photo of Elizabeth on Twitter

Bird shared the photo above on Twitter while Season 8 Episode 9 was airing. This season will have 12 episodes rather than the traditional 10, since the series’ Christmas movie had to be canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Bird wrote: “Um #Hearties I landed on this moment and realized I was watching the Season 8 finale episode. It was too late for me to withdraw this tweet… so sorry.”

One fan wrote: “My poor girl- always going through something! I hope this is a good surprise.”

Another fan wrote, “She has really been on a rollercoaster. I do hope she ends happy. She finally dealt with Jack’s death and her guilt for having feelings for another. Now for her to really smile and love again. Such great writing and acting #Hearties”

One fan commented that they heard the season would end happily, so this photo is hopefully from earlier in the episode. They wrote: “Hmmm….considering what I heard would be a happy ending, this might be very early on in the season finale. Hang in there, Miss Lizzie! You will be at peace with the right guy by the end of the season.”

Another fan doubted that Bird’s finding the scene was really that accidental. 

Others joked that Bird was simply stirring the pot again and leaving fans worried.

Another viewer believes the moment might be from the last scene in the finale, but it will have nothing to do with the love triangle. They guessed that maybe Elizabeth will be reacting this way upon seeing Abigail return. Of course, there’s been no indication that Lori Loughlin is coming back, but some fans are holding out hope that she’ll be allowed to return to the show one day.

One viewer joked: “What the heck are you doin to us @brbird I do believe he’s the BIGGEST stirrer there is, and the reward goes to……..Brian Bird!”

The Finale Will Be an Extra-Long Episode

The showrunner for When Calls the Heart, John Tinker, and his wife, Ronda Rich, shared in a Facebook Live chat that the episode would be extra long.

Tinker said in the video: “We asked Hallmark if we could extend the length of that final episode… So the last episode is a little longer than usual…”

Bird dropped another hint about the finale in October 2020, noting that it’s something fans won’t see coming.

He wrote: “Um #Hearties I just read this and had to invent a new acronym… ROFG, which now stands for ‘Rolling On Floor GASPING.’ You won’t see this S8 finale script for When Calls the Heart coming. I don’t really know what else to say except for there’s a reason why we invited writer John Tinker to Hope Valley and this is it.”

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