WCTH Exec Teases Biggest Story Reveals for Sunday

WCTH Exec Teases Biggest Story Reveals for Sunday

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The showrunner for Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” John Tinker, answered questions on a Facebook Live video with his wife, Ronda Rich, on Thursday. During the video, he teased that the series would begin to look into one big mystery that fans have been asking about. In a separate interview, Loretta Walsh — who plays Florence — talked about what we can expect from the wedding.

This article has minor spoilers for Sunday’s episode, Season 8 Episode 10, in terms of plotlines that will be discussed. 

The Mystery Behind Jesse’s Money Will Begin to Unfold

Tinker and Rich talked with fans about the show in a live stream on Thursday night, April 22. At about 14:10 in the video above, Tinker revealed that we’ll learn more about what Jesse spent all his money on starting Sunday.

A fan asked if we’d learn what Jesse invested his money in.

Tinker said: “Yes. And the start of that, I believe, is Sunday.”

Ronda Rich hinted at more, which might be a bit more of a spoiler if accurate. 

Rich added: “I can’t wait. Because when this character appears, we’re going to tell you something. It’s sweet.”

We’ll See Florence’s Son Again, But Not Her Daughter

At about 12:40 in the live stream video, Tinker mentioned that Allie Deveraux, the writer’s assistant, had discovered that Florence had a son and a daughter. However,  he added, some fans disagree with this. Whatever the case, we’ll be seeing Paul again on Sunday but not Florence’s daughter.

Tinker said:

He (Florence’s son) is a school child… Did y’all never get to meet him? I don’t know. It’s interesting. Allie Deveraux, keeper of all things ‘When Calls the Heart’ and so much more — lovely, thoughtful, smart person she is — swears that Florence has two children: a son and a daughter. Paul obviously being her son and the daughter, who I think we stretched the history a bit, to send her away to school. Because you will not see her in Sunday’s episode. You will see Paul again in Sunday’s episode.

However, there’s been some … contradictory opinions that she only has one son. So anyone who wants to write in and offer their opinion, if you think you know whether she had one, two, or no children… Then let us know.

Ned & Florence’s Wedding Will Have ‘Wonderful Surprises’

During a live interview for Hallmark, Loretta Walsh (who plays Florence) and Hrothgar Matthews (who plays Ned) provided some hints for Season 8 Episode 10 also.

Walsh said:

In true Hope Valley style, everybody is going to get involved. There will certainly be a few, perhaps, obstacles or hiccups along the way. But you know the residents of Hope Valley. They’re always gonna band together and they’re always going to make sure that the bride and groom are taken care of and are celebrated in style. … I think the Hearties are going to have some wonderful surprises and all of the feels when the episode airs this Sunday night.

When asked about filming the episode, Hrothgar Matthews, who plays Ned, said: “There were a few challenges along the way to get there… What is it? The path of love never runs smooth… It was good. It was challenging. … It just had to do with us coming to terms I guess with…actually our pasts and our presents.”

He talked about Ned’s touching scene with Elizabeth, which was already shared in a sneak peek video, mentioning that he and Elizabeth really connected on their shared losses and moving forward.

“It was lovely because … they shared the same experience of losing love and then having the potential to move towards another love, but not to want to lose the loyalty that they had with the past,” he said.

Walsh added:

Florence has her own set of issues coming up that are a little bit unexpected and something that we haven’t seen from her. So she’s going to have to figure that out… I think that the Hearties are going to see a side of Florence that maybe they haven’t seen before. And I think it’s actually a really relatable side to that character. And I think that will definitely press on the heartstrings.

She said that anyone who has a best friend will be inspired by the scenes Florence has with Mollie, too.

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