Wes Bergmann: ‘The Challenge’ Costar Is ‘Lying to the Fans’


Wes Bergmann from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

Wes Bergmann has already publicly announced that he will be taking a break from “The Challenge” for the next season but that hasn’t stopped the two-time champ from giving his thoughts on his fellow competitors. In a recent interview on AListers, Wes discussed how some of the cast members struggle with the physical fitness aspect of many challenges.

The “Real World: Austin” star said some competitors on the show don’t have athletic backgrounds and haven’t competed in sports before while others do “Booty Bands” workouts hoping it will be sufficient for “The Challenge.” He went on to speak about a cast member in particular and said they were “lying to the fans and themselves.” Wes said:

Some of them, and I’m thinking of one person in particular, but some of them dig themselves into such big holes where it’s just so daunting to try to dig themselves out. They don’t even know where to start and they also have been lying to the fans and themselves for so long about their level of in-shapenedness.

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He Said the 1st Step for People Who Show Up to ‘The Challenge’ Out of Shape Is Admitting to It

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While speaking about that costar, Wes said the approach should be similar to the 12 steps program in Alcoholics Anonymous whereby the first step is admitting to having a problem. “I’d say that’s the first step for, you know, probably the most egregious example of who we’re probably all talking about,” he said.

There’s 11 more steps after that and they’re all hard ones, but the first one is to admit ‘Something’s wrong. I need help.’ You know because there’s only so many times you could say, ‘I’ve got heart. I’m going to leave it all out there. Why does everybody doubt me?’

Wes didn’t name the costar he was speaking about, although the host said it seemed like everyone knew who he was discussing. It’s quite possible that Wes’s comments were regarding his costar Aneesa Ferreira, as he’s previously slammed her endurance and said she wasn’t “cut out” for “The Challenge.”

He Didn’t Reveal Who He Was Talking About But Has Previously Criticized His Costar Aneesa Ferreira

Wes has previously been vocal with his criticism of Aneesa and earlier in the “Double Agents” season said he didn’t think she was “cut out” for the show and should “no longer be cast.” He discussed how none of the male competitors on the show wanted Aneesa, who he described as “old and out of shape,” as a partner.

Wes and Aneesa had a falling out earlier in the season after the longtime veteran voted Wes into elimination and called him sneaky in her confessionals. After that, Wes shared that he no longer felt the need to keep his opinions about her to himself and said, “She’s not cut out for this, not even f****** close. So it’s an insult to the game when she’s put on the show.”

Aneesa is currently competing on “The Challenge: All Stars,” which is now airing on Paramount Plus.

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