Wesley Robinson Missing – Have You Found Wesley Robinson?

Wesley Robinson Missing – Wesley Robinson has been declared missing since three weeks ago, friends and family has put all their efforts together to make sure he is seen, his pictures has been posted across the social media so as to make it easier for anyone who comes across him identify him easily.

Wesley Robinson is a 36 year old man, he was last seen since May 30th, 2021. Wesley’ s mother whose name is Betty Robinson explained that her son was in the Dallas area to help with something and that’s when a phone call came in from her son who sounded as if he was in trouble. According to Betty, she said her son said “if I go missing, here’s the person you need to know,”. “He gave us a name and we gave that to police,” she said.

Wesley’s cell phone was pinged in the city of Lancaster and police there tell KBTX he was seen last in the 1500 block of Reynolds Street.