What Does The “Fish Hook Tickler Mean”? Ole Handshake & Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained – What We Know!

What Does The "Fish Hook Tickler Mean"? Ole Handshake & Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

The Fish Hook Tickler Handshake is at the moment fashionable on social media. What does this imply?

A handshake is a greeting that entails clasping fingers and quickly transferring them up and down. In latest occasions, although, it might imply a mess of issues. Within the scenes, the Fish Hook Tickler handshake has just lately gained recognition.


What Does The Ole Fish Hook Tickler Imply? 

The Ole Fish Hook Tickler is a particular kind of hand signal or gesture. The baseball gamers from the College of Mississippi do it each time they get on base. The gesture reveals, that gamers use each fingers to type a particular image that resembles a fishhook or a Wolf.


On Reddit, the usage of the gesture has change into a sizzling matter, and many individuals have speculated on how Ole Miss gamers have would possibly use the image.

@JamesonRaider has commented on a Reddit submit: “seems to be just like the wolf that NC state throws up”

Nickyjha says: “Most likely one thing the workforce got here up with. The Mets used to do this pepper grinder factor that appeared like they have been giving a handjob.”

@larrycorser says: “They took it from NC State’s Wolfpac. That’s why they known as themselves the Wolfpac in WCW”

Along with every thing else listed, it’s additionally the signal for quiet coyotes and a terrorist group. There are in all probability tons of of various meanings for a similar hand gesture. Nonetheless, we will fairly often see the usage of the gesture every time the College of Mississippi participant performs.

Ole Miss Fish Hook Tickler Handshake Palm- City Dictionary Which means

In accordance with the City Dictionary, Fishhooking is the act of placing one or each fingers’ fingers into the mouth and pulling. It usually refers to a fast jab to your jawbone, like catching a fish by a hook.

In the meantime, the gesture can be much like a fish form handshake, additionally known as the Tickler, which is carried out by becoming a member of fingers however normally, the center finger is used to tickle the palm. Whereas shaking the fingers of an individual giving a palm tickle along with his center finger might imply various things. The gesture is commonly thought to be offensive. 

Fishhooking is also utilized in wrestling or combating sports activities, nevertheless, it’s unlawful within the U.F.C or WWE (these days) as a result of it’s so brutally painful.

What Is Fish Hook Tickler And The place Does This Time period Come From?

A Fishhook tickler is a handshake the place we shake fingers and on the similar time tickle the palm of others. It’s usually thought to be offensive or intimidating.

@mrwhitethunder55 The ole fish hook tickler #fitness center #joke #ilikeyou😉 #thickerthanasnicker #thickfila #fyp ♬ authentic sound – Hank Mardukus

Following the handshake demonstration, somebody with the deal with @mrwhitethunder55 submitted a video to TikTok in some unspecified time in the future beforehand. 

One explicit consumer has commented, “he did Fish Hook Tickler handshake to my opponents in wrestling once we lined up for introductions and handshakes.” In the meantime, the video creator has replied it was intimidating.