What Happened to Danny Masterson; Sexual Assault Allegations

The pictures of Masterson in court have been shared these days and have put everyone into shock. The horrifying news has raised the question on the internet that what has happened to Danny Masterson?!

To answer the following question, three women have taken the stand to say that they have been sexually assaulted by Masterson in 2001 and 2003. After the confessions of three women, the judge found that Danny must stand trial.

Charlaine F. Olmedo, The Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, made the determination of a preliminary hearing where the prosecution laid out its evidence on the fourth day.

The news didn’t make a big career impression for Masterson as soon as the LAPD investigation of him was revealed in March 2017. But little by little things got messed up for Danny after putting Hollywood into shock by hearing the news.

What we know until now is that Masterson has denied the charges. Thomas Mesereau, His attorney, said Masterson had consensual sex with the women and that he would prove his client’s innocence.

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What Happened to Danny Masterson; is He Innocent?

Following the news of what happened to Danny Masterson, three days after all of the emotional and dramatic testimony claimed by three women that 70s Show actor Danny Masterson raped them and assaulted them 20 years ago, Olmedo, the judge, decided on Friday that he must stand trial.

It’s been shared that Olmedo found that the women’s testimony credible for a preliminary hearing, where the bar for sufficient evidence is much lower than at trial.

The judge ordered Masterson to trial on three counts of rape by force or fear. The charges which are given to him could get him up to 45 years in prison.

During the hearing on May 20, Danny Thomas Mesereau, his attorney, repeatedly challenged a woman on the witness stand. He tried his best to challenge the women on discrepancies in their stories in the years that they mentioned they were assaulted sexually by Danny. His purpose was to determine whether Masterson should stand trial on three counts of rape. He has pleaded not guilty.

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