What is Sadie Robertson’s Baby Name, One Lovely Little Girl

First thing first, Congratulations to the Duck Dynasty star for her first child. On Friday, May 11th, Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their sweet first child. It’s shared on Instagram that what is Sadie Robertson’s baby name going to be.

In early October The pair announced the big pregnancy news. the 23-year-old actor and her husband, both shared a picture on their snapchat of themselves showing the sonogram, cuddled up on the couch.

Later this week, after the birth of their sweet daughter, Sadie shared a post and told her fans that they’ve named the baby Honey James Huff and also mentioned that she’s on the mend after giving birth to her baby.

Robertson captioned: “SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT TO SHARE THIS NEWS! Baby, we already adore you. We saw a million little miracles yesterday – the best is this girl here … honey? The pure goodness of God. The coming story, but I’m way too busy with cuteness right now.”

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Sadie Robertson’s Baby Name and Her Best Miracle

Earlier this week, Sadie gave birth to her first child and shared the photos with Her husband in the hospital on his own account, writing: “Welcome to the world, sweet honey girl.”

she shared with her fans more details about the current situation and expressed her feelings with them: “However I have had the best cuddles ever from the snuggle bug. I will say postpartum has been so special in a million ways (truly), but the pain is real and can’t just be ignored.”

She referred to her husband as the best Miracle and mentioned that she has given much help from the fauther and the grandmother of the baby and thanked them both. She wrote: “ I’m still healing. I haven’t moved in the past 2+ days. I get a lot of help from my great husband and grandmas.”

A few days later, Robertson said that she is learning to be quiet and accept help from others so that she can be the best mother she can be to her baby. She added: ” will be forever with my beast.”

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