What you didn’t know about skin lightening

Skin lightening can be done cheaply with home based ingredient. There are so many natural ingredients which may be available in our homes which can be used to lighten skin rather than expensive creams and spa treatments.

These natural ingredients include:

1. Lime

Lime has many antibacterial properties. It is a harmless natural bleaching agent.

How to use:

To lighten dark spots, apply lime juice with preferably a cotton ball and apply on affected area. However, lime juice is advised to be applied at night or evening when you are not exposed to sunlight.

2. Honey

Honey is one of the most revered natural skin remedy. It is a one of the natural humectants. Honey also helps oily and acne prone skin. It has so many antibacterial properties that kill germs on skin surface and unclog pores.

How to use:

Honey can be used in conjunction to many other natural ingredients like sugar. Together, these ingredients exfoliate and moisturize skin leaving the skin healthy.

3. Sugar

Though, a lot of people may not know the benefits of sugar to the skin, it works magic for unhealthy skin especially acne prone skin.

Sugar removes dead skin cells and refreshes tired clogged pores. However it should not be used too often to prevent excessive dryness and flaking of skin.

How to use :

Mix a table spoon of sugar with lime or honey and scrub the skin. Leave for at most 30 minutes and wash off.

4. Aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera cannot be matched. It hydrates, exfoliate, moisturizes and lightens skins.

How to use:

Get the aloe vera gel and apply directly on skin for as long as you want. Wash off after

The last but not the least is water

The benefits of water on the skin has been greatly overlooked.

It improves skin tone.

Prevents premature skin aging.

Prevents acne.

It promotes clear and smooth skin.

It hydrates skin.

The list of benefits of water to the skin is endless. Drink more water for your skin.