When Calls the Heart Clip Leaves Fans Feeling Sorry for Lucas

When Calls the Heart Clip Leaves Fans Feeling Sorry for Lucas

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A sneak peek from Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” reveals even more tension between Lucas and Elizabeth. It’s leaving Team Nathan and Team Lucas fans with a lot of questions.

This article has minor spoilers for Season 8 Episode 11. 

The Clip Reveals that Elizabeth Left the Wedding Reception Without Telling Lucas Goodbye

The exclusive clip, shared by ET Online, shows a lot of tension between Elizabeth and Lucas. You can watch the clip below.

The clip begins at the schoolhouse, where Elizabeth is decorating the classroom and seems almost annoyed by Lucas’ trying to help. Her heart really doesn’t seem to be in their conversation.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take a break, have lunch with me?” Lucas asks.

Considering that he just caught her holding hands with Nathan outside the wedding reception at the end of the last episode, it’s surprising to see him acting so calmly around her in this clip.

“I can’t Lucas, I’m sorry,” she says.

“Here, allow me,” he says, trying to help her hang a sign. But she looks at him for a second and her expression doesn’t appear to be loving. She seems almost annoyed by his help and steps away, walking to the window.

“I’m not very good company right now, I’m sorry.”

“You’re working, I understand. I just thought I’d come by on a whim,” he answers. And her expression doesn’t even seem pleased by how understanding he’s being.

Then she looks out the window and sees Nathan riding by and gazes at him for a second. That’s when we learn that she didn’t tell Lucas goodbye after she and Nathan had their heart-to-heart during the wedding reception.

“Lucas, the reason I left the wedding early… I asked Nathan if he would step outside with me, so I could tell him that I don’t blame him for Jack’s death.”

Lucas seems really hurt, but trying to hide it. “Why didn’t you come back inside after? I had no intention of bringing this up. You didn’t even say goodbye.”

“I don’t know why,” she says. “Nathan and I…”

That’s when Minnie walks in, interrupting them, and they can’t conclude their conversation.

Team Nathan Fans Feel Bad for Lucas, But Team Lucas Fans Aren’t Giving Up Yet

Even Team Nathan fans were saying on social media that they felt bad for Lucas in this scene. One fan wrote: “Uh oh…trouble in paradise? Got to say…feeling bad for Lucas after watching the latest preview for Episode 11 but I’m still #TeamNathan”

Another fan wrote, “I FEEL SO SO SOOO BAD FOR POOR LUCAS!! Lucas is a GREAT man! #Hearties #TeamLucas” 

Team Lucas fans aren’t ready to give up yet though. One fan wrote: “Yep, despite the tension between them, L&E are still an item. There is no way, and I mean NO WAY, that she’s kissing anyone else but Lucas in the finale. The point of having L see the N/E interactions is to up the angst before the payoff #TeamLucas – have faith in the endgame.” 

But some Team Lucas fans think Elizabeth is hurting him too much.

One fan wrote, “My heart broke for Lucas. Sometimes I think E doesn’t deserve him. The writers are really overdoing the angst, but I do think the endgame is Lucas & Elizabeth. They seem to be setting things up for a bigger moment when the kiss and declarations of love finally happen. #TeamLucas”

Another fan wrote: “I should have posted a warning message for #TeamLucas along with the ET clip I sent out. We’re all feeling L’s heart breaking and L deserves so much better from E. The next episode is really going to put us and L through the ringer but EL endgame will be so much more satisfying.” 

But some fans just want Lucas to move on at this point.

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