When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 Review & Recap

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 Review & Recap

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When Calls the Heart Season 4 Episode 9 Review

Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 picks up right after Nathan finally revealed to Elizabeth what he had been hiding about Fort Clay. Now, as Ned and Florence prepare for their wedding, Elizabeth is dealing with Nathan’s confession and all the heartbreak from Jack’s death coming back to the surface. But how long can Lucas and Nathan continue to be patient as they wait for her to work through this? And who will be hurt in the fallout?

This is a When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 review, so this article will have spoilers. 

Elizabeth Is Extra Sensitive as Her Heartache Over Jack Becomes Fresh Again

When the episode begins, Elizabeth confesses that ever since Nathan revealed the truth about what happened at Fort Clay, she’s been left to reflect again on the accident that took Jack’s life. And she’s wondering why Nathan kept everything hidden from her.

She tells Rosemary that the only thing that makes sense to her is the love she feels for her son. But their talk quickly turns back to Jack and Nathan. Rosemary says that maybe Nathan never told her because he just didn’t think it was important enough to warrant making Elizabeth upset and stirring up those feelings again. Jack’s death wasn’t Nathan’s fault, she tells Elizabeth. But Elizabeth doesn’t understand why Rosemary felt the need to tell her that, and now she just feels more upset.

Honestly, I feel the worst for Elizabeth in all of this. She was starting to move on, and now all those difficult feelings have been stirred up again, making them feel fresh all over again. This has to be why she’s so sensitive to everyone and taking things wrong. But a lot of people might get hurt before she realizes what’s going on.

Preparations for Ned & Florence’s Wedding Bring Much-Needed Levity

Minnie stops by Abigail’s Cafe and Clara tells her that she’s completely overwhelmed dealing with the cafe and the wedding. Good thing Minnie is there to help! Jesse is also at the cafe and tells Lee that things are a lot better after he talked with Pastor Joseph. That’s when we learn that Lee is still on the pastoral committee — in fact, he’s the only one left on it! So it looks like after all this time, he finally knows who should take the position at the church.

Back at the dress shop, Florence just isn’t happy with any of the dresses that Rosemary and Mollie found for her to try. Nothing’s really what she’s looking for. But even though she’s disappointed about the dress, she’s thrilled that Fiona is finally back in town! The actress, Kayla Wallace, had to step away from the show briefly for another commitment, but she’s finally back. This means Clara won’t have to work at the barbershop anymore.

It also means that Mike Hickam can finally make a move on his feelings for Fiona!

Lucas Handled Allie’s Awkward Saloon Visit Well

In a surprising scene, Allie stops by the saloon to talk with Lucas. I really didn’t expect that! She’s returning the gift that Lucas had gotten for her graduation. She says that since he and Nathan both like Elizabeth, she felt like she needed to return the gift. Lucas is very nice about the whole thing and tells her that he totally understands how she feels, sharing a funny story of his own from when he was a child. But when she walks out, she sees Elizabeth and it’s a little awkward. It gets even more awkward when Nathan stops by and Elizabeth doesn’t want anything to do with him.

If Elizabeth doesn’t end up with Lucas, then I’m really feeling bad for him, especially after this episode. He has to deal with so much fallout from Allie and Nathan, and he’s handled it all quite graciously. But if it was all for nothing, I’ll feel bad for him.

Christopher Confesses to Henry What Really Happened with the Car

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In the next scene, Christopher explains to Henry what was going on with the stolen car. He says that he didn’t steal it, his friend did, and he had just taken it to town and just ditched it. Not a wise move, by any means. And I’m not even sure if I believe him, considering that he had stolen Lee’s pocketwatch.

It all worries Henry. “I just don’t want you ending up like me,” Henry tells him. It seems neither one realizes quite how obsessed Bill is with the stolen car mystery.

Christopher says he hasn’t been able to eat or sleep since Rachel left, and he’s done with breaking the law. Henry tells him that Christopher’s mom helped him be a better man, and if he thinks Rachel can do that for him then Christopher needs to make sure he doesn’t lose her.

I’m actually surprised by this whole scene. I knew that Christopher liked Rachel, but I didn’t realize he had developed such strong feelings for her so quickly.

Elizabeth Has a Hopeful Moment with Lucas

In the next scene, Lucas stops by the school to talk to Elizabeth. She tells him that she saw Allie, and Allie had said Lucas and Nathan planned to work things out between themselves. Lucas tells her that no one wants Allie caught in the middle, and Elizabeth quickly says that she doesn’t want to be caught in the middle either. Which is weird, considering it’s Elizabeth’s actions that have caused Lucas and Nathan to be at odds.

Lucas is surprised. “I didn’t realize that you felt that way.”

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I’m not myself. I just… Nathan shared something with me that has me out of sorts.”

She tells him what Nathan confessed to her about Fort Clay. It’s a pretty big moment, confiding in Lucas about something so deeply personal and heartbreaking to her. Lucas is shocked and says he can’t imagine how she must be feeling. Elizabeth says that she just doesn’t know why Nathan kept this from her for so long. Lucas offers to find out for her, but Elizabeth says that’s something she needs to do personally.

“Please know, I am always here if you need me,” he tells her.

Elizabeth seems really moved by his kindness, but also troubled. She touches her wedding ring after he walks away, a lot weighing on her mind. I’d take this moment of her touching her ring as hopeful for Team Lucas, but later scenes leave me feeling just as confused as Lucas and Nathan.

Joseph Is Hope Valley’s New Pastor!

After the commercial break, Lee stops by to visit Joseph. Before he can even ask Joseph to pastor the church, Joseph accepts. He says God’s been nudging him in this direction for some time. It seems that Joseph’s had a big change of heart after his and Minnie’s conversation! He tells Lee that it was a calling, and he thinks putting a bell on the steeple is one of the first changes he wants to do.

Although Joseph’s figured out his future, Faith and Carson are still struggling with theirs. They meet up again, and Carson tells her that he accepted the surgical fellowship. Carson says he’s been committed to the relationship and put aside his plans when she went away. He’d be thrilled if she would change her mind and come to Baltimore with him. But Faith is really hesitant, and I think deep down she knows they’re not right for each other.

Rosemary Suggests that Nathan Let Elizabeth Go, But He Can’t

While Elizabeth is still trying to figure out a way to talk to Nathan about his confession, Nathan stops by the library and runs into Rosemary. She reminds him that she was once engaged to Jack and caused a lot of pain when she wasn’t willing to let go of him. But Nathan says that he’s just not ready to give up on Elizabeth. So it looks like he’s still in the fight and not letting go. It doesn’t matter what Rosemary or anyone else — even Elizabeth — says. Nathan is in this and he’s not going to let go until he’s clearly told to do so.

But there’s another mystery brewing. Some men came by the Canfield’s home looking into buying it, and no one is quite sure who they are. The news really concerns Rosemary.

Elizabeth Just Walks Away When Nathan Confesses Why He Didn’t Tell Her About Fort Clay, Leaving Everyone Confused

Elizabeth finally gets up the courage to talk to Nathan. She stops by the jail and asks him what took so long for him to tell her the truth about Jack.

“I felt guilty,” Nathan says. “After the accident, I requested to transfer here to Hope Valley. I never met Jack, but I knew he left behind a wife and child, and I felt it was my responsibility to look after you. To protect you. … I felt it was my duty. When I found myself … falling in love with you, I felt like I was betraying Jack and his memory. That’s why I didn’t tell you. I fell in love with you. And I think that love is always worth fighting for.”

Clearly upset by what he said and not sure how to react, Elizabeth excuses herself and just walks away.

Of course, this is going to make the bachelor/bachelorette party especially awkward since Lucas, Nathan, and Elizabeth will all be there.

A Lot of People Are Feeling Awkward at the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

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The awkwardness starts early when Lucas confesses to Henry that he found Christopher’s contact information after Henry handed over the company books. He said he requested that Christopher come out and work with Henry. He said that Henry had betrayed him once and he wanted to ensure that Henry could be trusted. He felt backed in a corner, basically, and hopes that Henry will forgive him one day. So it looks like things between these two will remain stressful for a time too.

He’s not the only one feeling uncomfortable. Faith steps outside during the party and Carson follows her. They both acknowledge that being apart during his two-year fellowship will be tough.

“Why don’t we get married?” Carson asks. He says he’s not proposing, but he thinks it would be great if they planned to get married after the fellowship was over. Faith says she doesn’t know what the right answer is, but she wants what’s best for them, even if they aren’t together. It seems like they’re still on the verge of breaking up, and now I’m wondering if Paul Greene (Carson) is planning to leave the show. Faith certainly can’t be talked into any plan that leaves them trying to stay together.

And that’s when they finally play the game that was hinted at in the preview. Each woman puts on a blindfold, with the men standing on the other side of the room.  The blindfolded woman must figure out which man she’s meant to be with by holding his hands. Of course, Florence can identify Ned right away! But when it’s Elizabeth’s turn, she accidentally picks Nathan instead of Lucas, saying “Lucas!” as she takes off her blindfold, and it’s super awkward.

Elizabeth Hurts Lucas When He Asks About Nathan

The next day, Lucas stops by to check on Elizabeth and teases her over how awkward that party game was. She says she was kind of mortified, but Lucas ensures her that there’s no reason to feel that way on his account. But then she tells him that she stopped by the jail to talk to Nathan about Fort Clay, and Nathan confessed his love to her yet again. When Lucas asks her what she said in response, she admits that she didn’t say anything. He’s clearly bothered by this admission. She invites him inside, but Lucas declines. He appears hurt and upset by Elizabeth’s inability to tell Nathan that she doesn’t care about him too. And really, who can blame him? Elizabeth seems to be pulled back to Nathan now, and Lucas is picking up on that.

Christopher, meanwhile, isn’t confused at all. He’s going to Bellingham to find the woman he loves! That’s something I didn’t expect. 🙂 I’m not sure if Christopher or Rachel will be seen again on this show, but at least Christopher and Henry are separating on really good terms. They hug, say they love each other, and Christopher leaves. It’s a sweet moment, and I’m happy for Henry.

Also on good terms are Fiona and Mike, after Mike asks her to dinner and she accepts. I’m pretty sure a blacksmith had expressed interest in her during a previous season and that didn’t end up going anywhere, but maybe this time the storyline will. I know a lot of viewers were hoping Fiona would end up with whoever Elizabeth didn’t choose ultimately. Maybe that will be Faith instead?

Henry’s Going to Make a Big Confession about the Mining Disaster

Bill’s closing in on figuring out that Christopher stole the car. But Henry stops Bill and tells him that he can help him solve the mining disaster. It looks like Henry might be willing to sacrifice himself to save his son. That’s not something I was expecting at all! It could have huge repercussions for the show and a lot of people involved.

Not to mention, that final scene where we see Henry burning Christopher’s boots, the only evidence that could help Bill.

In Her Grief, Elizabeth Hurts Rosemary Too

Rosemary stops by Elizabeth’s house, and Elizabeth tells her everything that Nathan confessed to her.

“I never asked him to be noble,” Elizabeth says. “I never asked him to fall in love with me. At the library, did you encourage Nathan in his feelings for me? … He told me love is always worth fighting for. You didn’t encourage him to continue…”

Rosemary tells Elizabeth that she only wants what’s best for Elizabeth, and she hopes Elizabeth will let her explain what she really said. But Elizabeth’s too upset to listen to her, and Rosemary excuses herself and leaves.

The episode ends with Elizabeth looking upset and conflicted. She still doesn’t know what she wants, and she could hurt a lot of people in the process of trying to figure it out.

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