Where Did The Comedy Gag Of Slipping On A Banana Peel Come From? – What We Know!

Where Did The Comedy Gag Of Slipping On A Banana Peel Come From?

Although the old-school selection circuit hasn’t been round for a century now, most of the tropes and strategies — even complete bits that permeate TV and films — originated from vaudeville. For the uninitiated, “vaudeville” is the collective for the lowbrow stay leisure trade (together with burlesque exhibits and the like) that existed earlier than films and TV and have become a staple of American leisure from the late 1800s to the early twentieth century, per PBS. Vaudeville’s influence has been ubiquitous throughout the sphere of American leisure. (An instance? The bit the place a failing act is forcibly faraway from the stage in the course of their vaudeville efficiency by the use of an outsize, offstage hooked cane originated in vaudeville.)

The banana peel gag was invented by vaudevillian “Sliding” Billy Watson, in keeping with The A.V. Membership. Reasonably, Watson claimed he invented it, purportedly after witnessing somebody attempting and failing to keep up their stability after slipping on one. Different vaudeville comedians included banana-related gags into their very own acts, in keeping with Psychological Floss – and shortly sufficient, it caught maintain. Then movement footage got here alongside, and the comedic trope was cemented into the favored collective consciousness.