Where Has Florence’s Son Been on When Calls the Heart?

Where Has Florence’s Son Been on When Calls the Heart?

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Florence on When Calls the Heart

Quite a few “When Calls the Heart” fans were confused when Florence’s son suddenly appeared on Season 8 Episode 9, chatting with Allie. Where has he been? And why haven’t we seen him before Sunday? The showrunner for Hallmark’s hit series, John Tinker, addressed the questions about Florence’s son in a Facebook Live video with his wife, Ronda Rich.

Tinker Said They Were a Little Unsure of How Many Kids Florence Has, But It Could Be as Many as Two

Tinker and Rich talked with fans about the show in a live stream on Thursday night, April 22. He spoke on the topic of Florence’s son around 12:40 in the video above. A fan asked if Florence’s son was one of the schoolchildren that we haven’t seen very often on the show this season.

Tinker mentioned that Allie Devereaux, the show’s writer assistant, helped them determine the details from Florence’s past. But he was still hearing some contradictory information from fans.

Tinker said:

He (Florence’s son) is a school child… Did y’all never get to meet him? I don’t know. It’s interesting. Allie Deveraux, keeper of all things ‘When Calls the Heart’ and so much more — lovely, thoughtful, smart person she is — swears that Florence has two children: a son and a daughter. Paul obviously being her son and the daughter, who I think we stretched the history a bit, to send her away to school. Because you will not see her in Sunday’s episode. You will see Paul again in Sunday’s episode.

However, there’s been some … contradictory opinions that she only has one son. So anyone who wants to write in and offer their opinion, if you think you know whether she had one, two, or no children… Then let us know.

His wife, Rich, then asked him why they didn’t just ask the actress who plays Florence, Loretta Walsh. He said they did.

“She thought she was a little unclear too,” he said. “…I know Hope Valley is a small place, but sometimes you get lost there.”

Paul Appeared on Season 8 Episode 9, Surprising Fans

Paul appeared on Season 8 Episode 9 in a scene with Allie, but a lot of fans had forgotten that he existed.

Even SCHeartHome (Super Channel) on Twitter seemed surprised, tweeting: “Hmm, where has she been keeping him?”

One fan tweeted that Florence may have mentioned her son in Season 1.

Another fan mentioned that they’ve been missing this since Season 1.

Many fans mentioned that this was the first time we ever got to meet Paul Blakeley.

Another fan tweeted, “O my gosh is that Florence‘s son that we’ve never ever seen it all eight seasons wow #WCTH”

Another fan tweeted a GIF that simply reads, “Who?”

Loretta Walsh, who plays Florence, spoke with My Devotional Thoughts in 2017 about the character. The author asked Walsh if we would ever get to meet her children one day in the future.

Walsh answered, “I’d love for some good thing to happen for her personally (love, a new purpose; yes – I want to know more about her kids too!) Florence is a character that always has a lot to learn. I hope that she can learn to open her heart to find love again and allow herself to relax and enjoy the good things in life.”

Derek Thompson, writer for When Calls the Heart, tweeted a joke about the sudden reveal.

He wrote: “He rode off with the Garrison Gang. #hearties”

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