Where Was ‘As Luck Would Have It’ Filmed? See the Locations

Where Was ‘As Luck Would Have It’ Filmed? See the Locations
As Luck Would Have It

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As Luck Would Have It

Hallmark is premiering a new Spring Fling movie on Saturday, April 10, at 9 p.m. eastern called As Luck Would Have It. The movie stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Allen Leech. Here’s a look at the exotic locations where the movie was filmed and the cast who brought it to life.

‘As Luck Would Have It’ Was Filmed in Ireland

As Luck Would Have It was filmed on location in Ireland, IMDb reported. Although many Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada, this movie is an exception to the rule.

The synopsis reads: “Lindsey travels to Ireland to acquire land that is perfect for a resort. She decides to enter the town’s matchmaking festival to prove her investment and win over a handsome local.”

Production on the movie began in February, The Futon Critic reported.

Allen Leech on Why Ireland Was the Perfect Location for “As Luck Would Have It” – Hallmark ChannelAllen Leech discusses why Ireland was the perfect location to film the story featured in the Hallmark Channel original movie “As Luck Would Have It.” Find out more about the movie: hallmarkchannel.com/as-luck-would-have-it2021-04-02T21:01:54Z

Leech reveals in a Hallmark interview that one filming location was the Cliffs of Moher, “which was absolutely beautiful.” This is one of Ireland’s most famous tourist attractions, which overlook the Clare coast. The cliffs were also featured in Harry Pottery and the Half-Blood Prince and The Princess Bride.

He said the Cliffs of Moher was his favorite place to film.

Allen Leech Shares Favorite Filming Location for “As Luck Would Have It” – Hallmark ChannelAllen Leech talks about his favorite filming location in Ireland for the Hallmark Channel original romance movie “As Luck Would Have It.” Find out more about the movie: hallmarkchannel.com/as-luck-would-have-it2021-04-02T20:57:44Z

Swisher shared that the Cliffs had a “cold, piercing wind” unlike anything she had felt in Florida.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher on Cliff of Moher – As Luck Would Have It – Hallmark ChannelJoAnna Garcia Swisher talks about the experience of filming the Hallmark Channel original “As Luck Would Have It,” at the Cliffs of Moher. Learn more about the movie: hallmarkchannel.com/as-luck-would-have-it2021-04-02T21:15:24Z

Leech shared they also filmed at a castle and they filmed on a beach “making it look like the height of summer. I can promise you it wasn’t as we filmed.”

On Location – As Luck Would Have It – Hallmark ChannelTake a look behind the scenes of “As Luck Would Have It,” with JoAnna Garcia Swisher (“Sweet Magnolias,” “Reba”) and Allen Leech (“Downton Abbey,” “Bohemian Rhapsody”). The new movie showcases the beauty, culture, and romance of Ireland. Learn more about the movie: hallmarkchannel.com/as-luck-would-have-it2021-04-02T21:35:13Z

Leech shared that the matchmaking festival in the movie is loosely based on a similar matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna on the west coast of Ireland. He said some of the activities at the real-life festival include soda bread making, Irish stew making, and knitting.

Another filming location is Howth Castle.

Allen Leech Talks about Howth Castle – As Luck Would Have It – Hallmark ChannelAllen Leech talks about filming at Howth Castle in Ireland and how its current status relates to the plot of the Hallmark Channel original romance movie “As Luck Would Have It.” Find out more about the movie: hallmarkchannel.com/as-luck-would-have-it2021-04-02T21:06:07Z

He said in his Hallmark interview that what’s happening to Howth Castle in real life is what’s happening in the film: it’s being bought by an American company and being turned into a hotel.

“I hope that they will, like in the story, maintain a lot of its features,” he said.

Howth Castle is one of the “longest continuously-inhabited private homes in Europe,” Visit Dublin reported. The castle’s Gate Tower and Keep are from the 15th century, and the estate also includes much of the Howth Cliff Walks.

Visit Dublin noted: “Howth Castle and the adjoining estate have been sold to developers with a view toward upgrading the Deer Park Hotel and golf courses into a luxury destination. This will ensure that the Castle is preserved and maintained to the highest standard. You can still see the Castle from the outside.”

Meet the Cast

JoAnna Garcia Swisher is Lindsey. Swisher was first discovered by Nickelodeon when she was cast as Samantha for three seasons on Are You Afraid of the Dark? She’s most recently known for her leading role on Netflix’s hit series Sweet Magnolias. Her many other credits include Once Upon a Time (Ariel), Happy Accident, Dan the Weatherman, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (Amy Cabrera), Fist Fight, Pitch, Grandfathered, The Astronaut Wives Club (Betty Grissom), The Mindy Project, Animal Practice (Dorothy Rutledge), The Internship, Royal Pains (Dr. Nina Greene), Better with You (Mia Putney), Gossip Girl (Bree Buckley), Privileged (Megan Smith), Reba (Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery), Freaks and Geeks (Vicki), Party of Five (Hallie), Second Noah, and more.

Allen Leech is Brennan. He’s best known for portraying Tom Branson on Downton Abbey. His credits also include Bellevue (Eddie Roe), The Hunter’s Prayer, Bohemian Rhapsody, Doing Money, Surveillance, The Good Doctor, The Imitation Game, Black Mirror, The Tudors (Francis), Rome (Marcus Vispanius Agrippa), Legend (Willy), Love is the Drug (Shane), and more.

Also starring are:

  • Niall Buggy (Alroy)
  • Nick Dunning (Drake)
  • Stephanie Dufresne (Ellie)
  • Rose Henderson (Adelia)
  • Garry Murphy (Doyle)
  • Carolyn Donnelly (Nora)
  • Joanne Crawford (Maebh)
  • Fiana Tóibín (Aoife)
  • Arthur Riordan (Seamus)
  • Joan Sheehy (Siobhan)
  • Gerry Grimes (Conor)
  • Charlie Maher (Justin)
  • Juliette Crosbie (Olivia)
  • Aoife Fitzpatrick (Carlotte)
  • Emma Dargan-Reid (Kylie)
  • Brigid Leahy (Laura)
  • Matthew Malone (Grant)
  • Tiernan Messitt-Greene (Rory)

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