Which Celebrities Have Contracts with Casino Brands?

The big brands have to do more than just presenting their products to consumers. They have to create a connection and leave a nostalgic impression to gain and retain engagement. One of the ways companies achieve this feat is by having big-name celebrities endorse their products. These public figures become their spokesperson, advertising their products, and helping the company tap into their already large following.

Casino brands also tap into this form of marketing, with many celebrities serving as ambassadors for some of its top brands. These contracts go beyond presenting services to gamblers, it creates a connection between both parties and customers. They could range from sports personalities to movie stars, with the defining attribute being a massive fan base and passion for the games. 

The subsequent sections reveal some of the biggest casino brand endorsement deals in the celebrities news world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

A name that leaps up on the surface of ads, every soccer fan or football fan as it’s recognized outside America, knows about the Swedish pride; Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The big man is one of the greatest players to have graced the game, and he knows it. In 2018, Zlatan became the brand ambassador for Bethard Group, a Malta-based iGaming company. 

The brand has grown in popularity since then, thanks to the star’s massive fan base and reputation. Zlatan has proceeded to become co-owner of the gambling outfit, with the group’s Swedish roots, aligned values, and of course, the growing gambling industry being reasons for his decision. 

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Mike Tyson 

Mike Tyson is renowned for multiple feats, including an illustrious career in the boxing ring and showbiz. This former undisputed heavyweight champion is the recipient of a lucrative endorsement deal with 7Red online casino. As an ambassador, he appears in commercials, talk shows, and public events. 

Tyson is a fan favorite, thanks to his persistence and bad-boy persona. During 7Red’s public events, gamblers get treated to a meet and greet, with Tyson also signing autographs on the brand’s merchandise.  

Jamie Foxx 

Action and comedy movie star, Jamie Foxx, is the face of BetMGM, as it looks to increase its market share in the gambling industry. The actor/musician features in this gambling brand’s commercials giving a Hollywood spin to them. Other duties the Oscar winner also performs include appearing at sponsored events and sharing advertising posts with his millions of followers across social media platforms. 

Jamie won’t be marketing the US gambling brand solo. He joins the ranks of former American football quarterback, Darelle Revis, and former NBA superstar Allen Iverson as BetMGM ambassadors. Adding Jamie Foxx to its impressive roster signifies the brand’s commitment to breaking into the big leagues of the gambling industry despite being relatively new.

Neymar Jr

One of Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Starman is also an ambassador for a casino brand. He’s the Brazilian soccer wizard, Neymar Jr. The forward is one of the most followed individuals on the social media platform, Instagram, having over 160 million followers on it. This figure puts him well above many top Hollywood movie stars, with his charisma, skills, and charms allowing him to win the appeal of a wider global audience.

Neymar is a fan of the exciting game of poker and despite soccer being his first love, he still follows and indulges in the game. This passion and more were the motivation towards the Brazilian talent partnering up with European gambling outfit PokerStars. 

Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan is no stranger to celebrity and brand contracts, with his endorsement deal with the Nike group arguably the greatest in history. Michael recently announced opening a new partnership with a company, setting the celebrities news world alight. This sports legend revealed that he now had an equity stake in Draftkings in exchange for becoming one of its special advisors. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the growing popularity of the gambling industry, especially its online sector, more celebrities now endorse some of its biggest brands to their fans. You can find big names such as Neymar Jr, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Michael Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and more associated with casino operators. These celebrities appear in commercials, jackpot gambling events, meet and greets, and more while sharing sponsored posts on social media platforms.