White Woman Falsely Accuses Black Musician Keyon Harrold’s Son of Stealing


White Woman Falsely Accuses Black Musician Keyon Harrold’s Son of Stealing – Keyon Harrold is a Black performer who posted a video on Instagram he says shows his 14-year-old child being erroneously blamed for taking an iPhone from a white lady at Arlo SoHo Hotel in New York City and afterward being attacked by her. The lady in the viral video has not been recognized.

The video shows Harrold telling the lady and an administrator at the lodging that his child didn’t take the telephone, and afterward shows the unidentified lady attacking him and his child while they attempted to leave. As per Harrold, the lady’s Uber driver later went to the inn to give her iPhone to her, saying she had failed to remember it in his vehicle.

Harrold composed on Instagram about the December 26 occurrence, “Her telephone was mysteriously returned by a Uber driver a couple of moments after this episode. No expression of remorse from her after this horrendous circumstance to my child, not me. No statements of regret from the foundation.” Harrold couldn’t promptly be gone after remark by Heavy. It isn’t clear if police were called to the inn or if Harrold or the lady have documented a grumbling identified with the episode.

Arlo SoHo Hotel has additionally not given an assertion about the occurrence, however wrote in an Instagram remark on Harrold’s post, “Hi, we are very heartbroken that this occurred and we are investigating this immediately. We will send you an immediate message and attempt to amend the circumstance. By and by, our most profound conciliatory sentiments.”

Harrold Says the Woman Scratched Him and ‘Handled and Grabbed’ His 14-Year-Old Son After Trying to Get the Manager to Stop Them From Leaving the Hotel Lobby

The 1-minute video shows some portion of the episode including Harrold, his 14-year-old child, the unidentified lady and the Arlo SoHo Hotel representative who recognized himself as an administrator. Harrold posted the video on December 26, a couple of hours after the occurrence happened. Harrold said he and his child were remaining at the inn and had come down the stairs to the hall region to eat when they were defied by the lady.

Harrold stated, “This individual statement on statement ‘lost’ her iPhone, and evidently, my child mysteriously procured it, which simply absurd. This occurrence continued for five additional minutes, me shielding my child from this insane person. She scratched me; she Tackled and snatched him. He is a kid!!! Presently watch it once more.”

The video shows the covered lady conversing with a supervisor, who is holding a PC. Harrold’s child can be heard saying, “This is my telephone.” Harrold at that point advises him, “you don’t need to disclose nothing to her” as the lady requests that Harrold’s child show her his telephone. She at that point says to the chief, “he took the case off, that is mine, in a real sense get it back please.” Harrold at that point reacts, “Would you say you are messing with me? You feel like there’s just a single iPhone made on the planet?”

The lady at that point tells Harrold the “discover my iPhone” setting is off on her telephone and focuses at his child and says it his her’s he is holding. The inn chief at that point begins to address Harrold, who discloses to him he doesn’t have the power to converse with him. The supervisor says, “I’m attempting to settle the present circumstance.”

At the point when Harrold says his child has nothing to do with the lady, she says, “at that point show me the confirmation. He’s not leaving. Show me the verification.” The lady at that point rushes to follow Harrold and his child down a foyer hollering, “I’m not allowing him to leave with my telephone. She at that point thrusts at Harrold and tumbles to the ground, advising a security official to get her telephone back. The video closes with the lady pushing Harrold.

Harrold Said in His Post ‘This S*** Happens So Often’

Artist @keyonharrold and his child are racially profiled in NYC and improperly blamed for taking a lady’s telephone pic.twitter.com/943tCvdxd4

— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) December 27, 2020

Harrold wrote in his Instagram post, “This s*** occurs so regularly. It needs to stop!!! In the event that anybody perceives this individual, kindly tag or DM.” He said prior in the post, “I disdain I need to post this!!! I am incensed!!! We see this poop happening constantly, however it hits diverse when it hits home!!! I normally attempt to keep things positive, however nothing about this video is positive.”

Harrold composed on Instagram, “This woman isn’t so much as a visitor at the inn. She settled up with the inn on the 23rd of December; today is the 26th. Presently watch as the director advocates for the woman who isn’t so much as a lodging visitor, demanding and endeavoring to utilize his administrative position to constrain my child to show his telephone to this arbitrary woman. He really engaged her!!! He didn’t consider the reality we were really the visitors!”

Harrold added, “Consider the injury that my child currently needs to convey, simply coming down the stairs to have box day informal breakfast with his father.”

Harrold Is a Jazz Trumpeter, Vocalist, Songwriter and Producer Who Has Worked With Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Common and D’Angelo and He Was Called ‘the Future of the Trumpet’ by Wynton Marsalis

‘The Mugician’ by Keyon Harrold | B SideThe title ‘The Mugician’ makes way for this B-Side execution, as Keyon Harrold’s trumpet playing is equivalent amounts of sorcery and music. Hailing from Ferguson, Missouri, Keyon Harrold has worked together with Jay-Z, Beyonce, Gregory Porter, and some more. Kick back and appreciate Keyon Harrold’s powerful sounds. Twitter, IG: @keyonharrold https://www.keyonharrold.com/ — This video is from

Harrold, a 40-year-old St. Louis local, is a famous jazz trumpeter, singer, lyricist and maker, who has worked close by Common, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, D’Angelo and numerous other significant stars in the music business. In 2017, trumpeter Wynton Marsalis told Downbeat, that Harrold is the “fate of the trumpet.”

Harrold delivered his first independent collection, Introducing Keyon Harrold, in 2009 and played the trumpet for the soundtrack to the 2015 Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead featuring Don Cheadle. His second collection The Mugician was delivered in 2017.