Who Are Miss USA Elle Smith Parents? Father Mother and Family Details


Miss USA, Elle Smith, parents are yet to comment on their daughter’s victory. 

On Monday evening, Elle Smith, a graduate of the University of Kentucky, was crowned as the Miss USA 2021.

Elle Smith, Miss USA’s parents, have not appeared on media yet. However, when sharing her journey in the pageant, her mother shared a little about her daughter.

Lydia shared about Ella’s childhood. According to her, she used to remember every lyric to broadway musicals. Sometimes, Lydia used to walk to the hall and witness her daughter singing at the top of her voice. At that time, she would try to take videos of her daughter singing and dancing.

Miss USA is a graduate of Shawnee High School in 2016, where she also learned orchestra, choir, and drama. She was also a volleyball player.

Later, she went on to continue her studies at the University of Kentucky. She got her bachelor’s degree in journalism, and she was working as a multimedia journalist at Louisville Tv Station WHAS.

Her mother said that she had never competed in any pageant before. However, her interest in the field developed when her former classmate, Brittany Reid, won the Miss Ohio Teen USA pageant.

Learn About Elle Smith Mother, Lydia, and Her Father

Elle Smith’s mother is Lydia, but her father is not known to the public. Moreover, Miss USA has not shared any details about her dad in the media.

However, her mother gave an interview and shared a lot of information about her child. Her mom is a high school teacher in Louisville. In addition, she was the one who taught Elle in choir and orchestra classes.

She is a role model for Elle, who has groomed her daughter to become what she is today. Lydia has four sisters, and all of them chose a different path.

She received her Ph.D. after giving birth to Elle. She was 24 when she earned her Ph.D. Moreover, one of her sisters is a nurse practitioner; another is a mortician and an aesthetician.

Details To Follow About Elle Smith Family

Elle Smith’s family is her mother, Lydia. Unfortunately, her father has not appeared on the media yet. Thus, we do not have any information about him.

Moreover, we are not aware if she has siblings or not. Nonetheless, she has her mother and best friend Jenna, considered an influential woman in Elle’s life.